Convince grace to dye her hair orange and black

Convince grace to dye her hair orange and black

February 5, 2021
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Started by Reese Abke

grace, otherwise known as death, has made the decision to dye her hair. Her natural color of hair is black/dark brown. She has bleached some of it and is getting ready to die it a color. She is planning on doing a dark blue or purple, which doesn’t make ANY sense because it will look VERY SIMILAR to her NATURAL HAIR. 

So, obviously the best choice is orange. This if for a great number of reasons, which i will list here:

Halloween colors. Graces favorite holiday is halloween! And so is mine! So, These colors will represent the holiday. 

Matched. These colors match. And graces style will greatly complement these colors together. 

Orange looks fantastic on grace. what more should i say??? 

Graces favorite colors are red and black. Her hair is black. And she already died her hair red last time. so what comes next? orange! it’s the closest to red you can get. 

the thrill. how many people get to say their hair was orange. she could tell her grandkids that she was cool. 

It’ll match the halloween spirit! when halloween comes! AND HALLOWEEN IS ALWAYS HERE

This so all i have as the character limit has ran out, so just sign the petition. We need to get 100 SIGNATURES!! SO DONT QUESTION IT JUST SIGNNNNNN!!! PLEASE!!

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Signatures: 12Next Goal: 25
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