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Dismiss Justin Trudeau!

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Is this a Prime Minister or a fool?

Many Canadians would answer “a fool”, and that’s a very serious problem.  The position of Prime Minister is a serious one which requires a serious demeanour to merit the respect of the people which is fundamental in a democracy.  Yet by certain actions such as the one pictured Justin Trudeau is making a farce of his important position and himself the object of ridicule.

The parliamentary system of government includes a remedy for those rare occasions when the head of government acts in an unconstitutional, illegal or unworthy manner: the reserve power of dismissal.  As the petition text notes, the constitutional expert and former Senator Eugene Forsey considered the reserve power to be an essential safeguard of democracy.  Although no government has so far been dismissed in Canada, it has happened twice in Australia when circumstances compelled the Executive to dismiss the government, and the people rendered judgement in a subsequent election.

As the petition text also notes, precedent requires the Governor-General to dismiss a Prime Minister in such cases whatever his personal feelings about that Prime Minister may be.  If you agree that Justin Trudeau is reducing the position of Prime Minister to a farce by the actions listed in the petition, add your name to the call for the Governor-General to dismiss him.

Why Liberals Should Sign Too

Liberals should be even more ashamed of Justin Trudeau than other Canadians, because he is a disgrace to the good name Liberal.  Trudeau's claim that Canada is a "post-national state" indicates that he is not in fact a Liberal, but what British Liberal Maajid Nawaz refers to as a "post-truth, post-fact leftie".

In his book Common Ground he alleged admiration for Wilfrid Laurier, but his actions expose that assertion to be a lie.  There can be no doubt at all that the great man who said “Canada is free, and freedom is its nationality” would not be even remotely impressed by the Trudeau government’s Bill C-16 which further undermines the fundamental Liberal value of free expression.  As for his reckless deficits, who can believe that the man who said “It is a sound principle of finance, and a still sounder principle of government, that those who have the duty of expending the revenue of a country should also be saddled with the responsibility of levying and providing it” would ever countenance them?

His recent fawning remarks about Fidel Castro and his advocacy for socialist ideas such as political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism and environmentalism demonstrate that he is not a Liberal at all, but a socialist LINO (Liberal in Name Only).  Like Kathleen Wynne in Ontario, he personifies the socialist infestation of the Liberal Party which seeks to drag the party over to the socialist side of the great gulf of principle and of method which irrevocably separates liberalism from socialism.

If you call yourself a Liberal, take action to sustain the great heritage of Liberalism by signing the petition or stop pretending and leave the name for those persons who understand the meaning of the word liberal.


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Canadien inquiet/ Concerned Canadian needs your help with “Her Excellency the Right Honourable Julie Payette Governor General of Canada Rideau Hall 1 Sussex Drive Ottawa ON K1A 0A1 As Your Excellency is no doubt aware, the office of trust which you hold under the Crown is accompanied by the reserve powe”. Join Canadien inquiet/ and 82 supporters today.