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Mary mother of Jesus (what you should know)

Rene Helmerichs

Aug 24, 2018 — 

In a sweeping gesture to aid understanding for Japan, Russia, India, China, Greece, and all Catholic-abused centers, Mr. Helmerichs began a discussion with Vatican Roman Catholic officials.

Mr. Helmerichs states, "Mary, mother of Jesus, was not a virgin."

Vatican officials were quick to declare the statement unholey [sic]. 

Discussions amongst themselves mimicked super computers of late, the early kind used by Nasa, the kind that fill an entire room to compile a single launch trajectory and then still produce an incorrect output.

"How does he know?"  One Vatican official dared to ask another.  The prevailing thought was, "It's heresy!" 

Another responded in true spirit, "He knows.  We added it when we amended the bible with The New Testament.  He's just writing something different.  Incidentally, we should fix the typo in the title, wholey not Holy, when we add the third."

Mr. Helmerichs responds, "Satan makes you believe that she was.  Let's think about that."

The Roman book burnings, the ones from about 325(?) AD, were ordered by Rome to do away with any follower of The Basic Agreement that was not in league with the tenet of the Roman emperor Constantine.  Clearly Mary must have been a virgin because it's written in the collective historical works having miraculously survived the Roman book burnings?

The Basic Agreement, independent of Roman influence, is preserved as the single agreement, "We exist in changing realities, this world, that are forever doomed to change.  But we exist together.  We have choice to work together, or to invent stories for a different truth.  We have free will only to deny our innate need to actually work together, but are ensured with sexual motivations to propagate the family structures that ultimately shall forever teach us of the need to learn to better relate in spirit with forgiveness."

In the English language there is a wishful expression, "All roads lead to Rome."

A true statement cannot be truly negated.  Does Rome understand a series of three distant ULF stations can emit an ultra-low frequency focused under the great city to level it completely, and make it appear as a natural disaster? 

That is not to insinuate a global super-power (having already placed bombs in the basement of The World Trade tower to cover the crime of inventing and moving money--digital representations of time) would try to build a "New Zion" for the Roman enterprise, with utter destruction of the old.  The event would only serve to falsely advertise "New Zion" in relation to "a work of God" to all masses and through all media outlets, which is exactly what that super-power would want and need to solidify its unholy Roman pact.

Back to the question of Mary's virginity, Catholics cannot say that a true student is not exactly identical in spirit to the teacher.  Having the same spirit, it is unnecessary to assert that true spirit requires a special birth.  In fact, it is unbecoming to insinuate that our common spirit had a special birth for the case of Rome versus Jesus. 

Recall that Romans accused Jesus of all manner of things that he neither did nor said, one of which being their incarnated God.

Stories are twisted with time. 

The Roman Catholic Church denied including any comment about Mary Magdalena, actual wife of Jesus and mother of a child between them (reference the documentary Tomb Of Jesus), was anything but a prostitute.

If Jesus loved the prostitute Mary Magdalena enough for her presence to yet need to be included in the biased historical book, does it not follow that his mother may have been a prostitute as well?

It would be only natural of The Roman Empire to hide the fact that Mary, mother of Jesus, was a prostitute after a political partnership with some of the followers of Jesus, 300 years later.

It is not impossible, then, that the second prostitute, Mother Mary, was indeed a virgin when she gave birth to baby Jesus.  But she did have at least one estranged man, Joseph, in tow, and he damn well knew that he probably wasn't the father of the kid. 

Actually, Mother Mary could not have been a virgin because an irreconcilable paradox ensues.  The Roman Catholic enterprise, besides trying to teach that a virgin pussy is the sacred hole, also tries to deny reincarnation.  If we are born innocent, then we could not have been murders in a past-life. 

"If we were murders in a past-life, why not be bank robbers in this one and kill ourselves if we get caught..." is exactly the thinking the benevolent spirit having permitted the Roman crime until this point, did well to hide.

Common sense declares that a common spirit of eternal life has an ever-lasting presence that is always in real-time and not only does not require a special birth, but even any birth at all being ubiquitous.

Calling a collection of miraculously survived historical references The Holy Bible is further wishful thinking.  Including in the bible that a student can become like the teacher does directly negate the later addition of any true student having had a virgin birth. 

It is indeed a mockery to The Pope to insinuate that His Holiness is, at his epiphany, only with ability for awareness of the largest most holy Hole: the single fact that The Pope himself ascribes to the worship of Satan while The Pope declares that none can become like Jesus because Jesus had a special birth.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about blood-letting, abducting and killing boys ("blood libel" used to advertise the church in gossip circles of other foreign churches), the Spanish Inquisition and deaths of thousands of innocents who refused to accept the Roman Catholic Satanic teachings, and other crimes really carried out, to instill fear of the all-encompassing loving God into the hearts and minds of compassionate citizens.  The Medes of Babylon, incidentally namesake of The Media, understood FEAR spreads news like wildfire while love releases need of worry about what else is happening in the fishy Vatican.

It is no coincidence that Catholic churches in Taiwan no longer display a statue or even picture of Mary out front.  Forget idol worship, the church outright lied about Mary.  It's like Hitler said, "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it."

Rene Helmerichs

24 Aug 2018

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