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Hi Everyone,

I'm here to show my big regret about this game(Vikings war of clans). I played Vikings War of Clans(Plarium Game) for 3 years(at the end I'm banned). I will simply talk about these game bugs and how to save your money, and most importantly how stupid playing this game is.(Now, I see this game as the worst game I played so far, no ability, just pay to win game. Hope, If you think some about game mechanic/strategy, you will understand soon just like I did after I banned. Before ban thing, I was just playing this game and spending money on it for fun. Most importantly, when you consider how much money you spent on game, it is getting serious issue, totally waste of Money!). I spent so much effort/energy and money to this game like all other players. This game is simple war game but interestingly almost no strategy is there. People play this with only some tricks which can be learned in 1 months duration(you will understand it is big pay to win game). To simply say how game works is you are attacking someone with your troops in your town (only with clicks still no ability) and if your upgrades in game is better you will get better results(this upgrades are mostly done with spending money). Since game requires no skills/ability or strategy, most powerful clans/players are detected by who spent most. What Plarium want is spent money on your account your influence in game gets bigger and you will be regarded as stronger. At some point all people have maxed knowledge at top ranks, and their money on troop number detects who is the strongest, and how much troop(money) they can risk in the war affects because for each attack both defender and attacker lost some of their troops(Money). For example, like a month ago I don't remember, someone called Ctesse(nickname) started this game, and a player became best in game(influence) in just 2 weeks by spending thousands of dollars(probably between 70-80k$) Furthermore, like all games, you need resources in game to grow. These resources( of course as in every game) are on sale by Plarium. Almost all people has these resources with a trick. Let me explain how(because for those who doesn't know this, it is important if they still want to put money in), just open a new account, and if you don't buy anything with newly opened account for 6 weeks. Plarium's bank offers become 1 of 10th of actual price; in other words, you can get 100$ pack for a 10$(Even I said it is a trick, still you have you put money in). Almost all big players get the resources(called unactivity pack) by using this way, and new accounts can be opened in plarium site like spending 1 minutes per account(since there is no e-mail verification, it is simple as hell). Everyone opens like 100-200 accounts and get billlions of resource very cheaply(any type 1b rss= 0.5$). Even, people sell this accounts for 5$ or 10$ for each account( I mean newly opened account and 6 week passed without buying anything from bank), I know they have thousands of these accounts. I will upload a picture to show you how packs become without buying 6 week for a newly account. Also, I will share how people sell these accounts with megas to the people who doesn't know. Moreover, this inactivity pack has 500k T6, who plays this game of course knows what is t6 meaning. People kill these t6's through events to get free points in the events. Killing 500k T6 is a real point in events, if you kill 1m T6 you will easily pass all checkpoints in individual or clan events, once you do this you will understand what I mean. Moreover one more trick is, people who are in top rank create these accounts in other big kingdoms, when they face each other they will buy these packs, kill 500k T6 for each account, then get resource, and more importantly mass of points against enemy.  Funniest thing is, this is of course as you all think forbidden(it's logical). However, all big people and some small ones do these to train troops, to upgrade knowledge purposes etc. since by farming you can't get these much resources. Even Plarium lists top plunder's of the game each week(a player who plunder most from other towns). When you look at the best plunders of course you will understand that everybody is doing this(these much resources cannot be plundered without trick), I will upload a picture to show you. Some of my friends are banned because of the plundering reason, yes they did as everyone but since they are not big spenders, Plarium just banned them, and don't touched big spenders. Even Plarium knows if they ban whoever does this cheap resource plundering, nobody will play this game anymore! To be a very very strong, you need to spend thousands of dollars, even I have friends who spent over 50k-60k$ to be a real strong in this game. Of course game is free to play, but you cannot grow without spending money, it is almost impossible. I never met a people who doesn't spend money for this game during my 3 year game time. At the end, who wants to quit a game tries to get some money back for sure(as in every game), and people post their account details in groups/pages etc. Before saying I bought an account, I want to talk about hack or emulator things. As you know or you may not know there are emulator programs(virtual mobile machines on computers), when you enter it with your account, you can play game from there, what I want you to know is, you can train, doing task etc. you can do everything there with one click. In other words, you can make 1m t1 training for just 1 click( of course not instantly, emulator trains troops or doing tasks for you as if you are doing, it is something like bot). Also, If you run NOX player with your account, even if your account's password is changed(I mean googleplay or facebook or iTunes) Nox can restore this account as if it's password is same.(for those who bought an account, if seller enter NOX with your ID once, even if you link another facebook/googleplay or iTunes or change password , seller has access to the game). Moreover, you can open 20-30 NOX at the same to produce resources automatically.(Picture is added below) One more funny thing is that, game has hacks(bots) if you play this game like for a month, you most probably received bot message. This bot(I never used but I saw) does whatever you say like yielding,training troops,fast shielding, and guarantee that you will not attacked while yielding etc.  Anyways, I bought an account 4-5 month ago like everybody does since If you bought an account you will get much more developed town in game than that you spent same amount on a new town. If you just want to see how much people sell their account is just search "buying/selling vikings war of clans account in Google" You will be directed to some sites about buying selling or facebook pages(I will upload only %1 of the pictures to show you how big market is). As everybody knows most of the top rank player's account(I'm talking about 20k-100k$ accounts) is sold/bought in the past, and of course Plarium knows this and even helped them for buying/selling issues in the past!, and Plarium didn't touch most of them since they are a big spender in game(I'm talking about spending 1000-2000$ per month in game) If you play this game for a some time, you might know Vendetta's top2 clan, which is Salgerd clan. You can ask around to learn how Vendetta bought almost 20 accounts and brought to his clan, Plarium is of course know this case but said nothing, since he is the one of the biggest spender in game. You may ask how people spend that much money for game easily? Personally, I spent 4k $ for this game, and I always thought one day I can sell my account and get at least half of my money back. Anyways, what happened to me is, Plarium banned me because of the old owner of the account said that his account is stolen after 4-5 months(I bought this account 4-5 months ago.) Altough I showed them the receipt(Money transfer), they didn't give me the account back because they said that it is against their rules. I didn't know this is forbidden, I think most players don't know this buying/selling issues are strictly forbidden, once they know they ban. Furthermore, Plarium told me this "If someone bought a pack from for you, he/she(buyer) have a RIGHT to say it's my account", and at the end because of the confusion account will be banned just like mine(Picture updated, just check below). Please be aware of the things I talked about guys, never think just like me that you can sell or buy an account easily and without being scammed. YOU MIGHT BE SCAMMED EASILY, just consider the probabilities that I talked above. (Plarium will say you only thing " it is against our rules, sorry your account is BANNED). Of course I won't play this game again, I just realized how stupid things(spending a lot of money, giving so much effort) I did for this game. If you want to play a game, play a good games which requires ability and skills not your Money! There is much more to talk here but I can't explain everything here. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS AND MAKE EVERYONE AWARE !!

Here I found, some comments about game from different players:

Here are the pictures, (if there is an problem about Pictures please let me know, I will upload them again, I want everyone to see these things). All the pictures that I talked about is below. 


(Edit) I'm adding this since people want me to criticise global events

1) CVC(clan vs clan event) : Until 1 months ago, as you all know there were kingdom jumpers who were hitting much more lower people and took their effort easily. As far as I see, still cvc's are (for middle rank players) about training, building, upgrading, boosting stronghold transformations etc., which are all about MONEY(no skill, no ability, no fun here). Maybe when you train 2 or 3m t6 you get so much points and people say "you are awesome man, you pointed a lot". Actually what he did is "only spent Money". 

2)KVK( kingdom vs kingdom): Again above I summarized how to get inactivity pack and 500k T6 army, because of this most kvk's are about cheating, clans blame each other like you guys are cheater. 

3)KVKR( Kingdom vs kingdom revenge): All about farm, training, hitting invaders, doing knowledge(MONEY) = all people thinks they are the most boring events ! 

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask I will be here to answer your questions. ( mail:

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