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Ban the production of fur in factory farms in Finland

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This fox, like hundred of foxes and many other animals on Finish fur farms, has spent her entire life in a tiny wire cage, crammed in with a number of other foxes, with no room to move or access to natural flooring, sunlight or the opportunity to socialise in a healthy environment. Under this stress, many animals in these cages resort to pacing, self injury and harming their cage mates. These cages are rarely cleaned if they are indoors and if they are outside, provide no shelter from the heat or freezing cold. Disease and parasites run rampant and are unchecked, with some foxes covered in sores that cover their entire face and body. There are no federal laws to protect these animals from such abuses or to dictate a humane method of execution. Many animals are skinned alive, electrocuted, poisoned with strychnine or have their necks broken. Whatever your opinion on fur and the fashion houses that use real fur in their products, you can agree these animals deserve better. Please sign this petition to Ms Hentriikka Kontio, Veterinary Counsellor at the Finland Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In her role in ensuring Animal Health and Welfare, we urge her to consider the plight of foxes and other animals abused in fur farms in Finland and take steps to rectify the gross and repugnant abuses of these animal’s welfare, with a view to banning the production of fur at factory fur farms in Finland. Imagine it was your cat, dog, rabbit or other family pet and understand that these animals feel the exact spectrum of fear, pain, stress, confinement and misery as your pet would in the same situation. Speak up now for those who are voiceless, they are depending on you to save them from their cruel and preventable fate. The cost of fur is higher than you think.   

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