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I'm a mother who needs the help , to bring my daughter home!!  Change the law! Let me tell you my story (Our story)  My daughter was born normal & happy , On February 23, I got the worst call of my life that no mother would expect!! I let my daughter go to her biological father (Joesph) / abuser I never would imagine this happening to my daughter !! I get the worst phone of my life that my daughter was rushed to the hospital, I'm in distress not knowing what's going on!!! My mind racing all over the place, if you a mom you know my emotions!!! So let me get more Depth in our story !!! Department of social services step in sad I failed to protect, took my daughter but wait I wasn't there!!! ( Joesph no criminal record) How I suppose to know this man who is her father would harm my child!!! Omg!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! My daughter now have serious medical issues due to (Joesph ) shaken her violently! No I wasn't present but my child is took out my arms!!! At the time I had a roommate!! Let me go on to what my child endured at the hand of someone I thought would protect her, love her !!! My daughter have refactoring seizures meaning medications is never helping her seizures, she have CVI A VISION IMPAIRMENT Her brain can't process anything to her vision ( she only see shadows and shapes) my daughter is now verbal , cerebral palsy ,  strider , chronic lung disease, trichamalasia (spelling incorrectly probably) , obstructing sleep apnea, traumatic brain injury, feeding tube dependency (nothing by mouth ever) and a lot more diagnoses!!!! It been 3 years too long I been to all my daughter doctors appointments since she been in care !!! Back in 2016 my daughter was molested in foster care by her home health care nurse !!! Under department of social services services care while the foster mom was present ( foster mom had time to take pictures) t reported the abused!!! Ok I'm going to continue with our story, so I go back to court on April 18 to fight for my daughter!!!! Now department of social services says I need a bigger vehicle before I can start getting unsupervised vistation plus have to be trained 48 prior to the vistation!!! My vistation went from 5 minutes to two hours monthly till now once a week for 2 hours no unsupervised vistation till I get training and a vehicle and department of social services is allowed to talk with my other children without me being present!!! And I have to take another psych evaluation!!! ( I have a 6,10,&11 in my care no case on my other kids)!!! Let me go on with telling people what I have done duration of theirs ongoing case!! Cpr first aid certified, feeding tube certified, seizure and first aid certified, special needs certified, obtained driver license, stable housing, medication certified, passed all random drug screening, 3 psych evaluations passed with flying colors, cerebral palsy certified, parenting classes , so much I done !!! Not enough to bring my child home !!!! I really need these signatures JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED ON EGYPT AND MYSELF!!! HAVENT MY CHILD ENDURED ENOUGH?? HAVENT I ENDURED ENOUGH?? My daughter biological dad/abuser only was sentenced 18 years goes up for parole this October!!! This man needed life not another chance of see society!!! My daughter haves a life sentence on her !!! My daughter can't be a normal child because of him!!! The law needs to be changed!!! I don't want another child abuser being set free it's not fair fir my daughter or other children that endured this treatment abuser to be set free!!!! Push for Egypt 's law !!!! Change the law on child abusers !!! I am my daughter voice I DEMAND JUSTICE PRAYER4BABY EGYPT!!!!! BRING MY DAUGHTER HOME!!!!

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