Make horse drawn carriages for entertainment illegal in Charleston

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Please support the ban of horses used to pull carriages in Charleston, South Carolina.  We can do this! 

PROBLEM: Horses are falling over from exhaustion/dehydration in the streets of Charleston, South Carolina. Their handlers are disregarding their basic needs. Think of how it feels to be tired, your muscles ache, blisters, hungry, thirsty and hopeless because you are in restraints and restricted from seeking comfort. 

In North America we spend millions on our domestic pets, yet we allow this cruelty to occur to these Charleston horses? We wouldn't allow our pets to get to this state. 

Horse drawn carriages are part of history, but the romanticism and necessity have now expired. History can be honored without the abuse of horses. We have an obesity epidemic in North America, humans do not need to be pulled by horse drawn carriages. 

Change the tradition to a healthy tradition - humans can walk to explore the city. Let's encourage this. Good for horses, good for humans. 

In our lifetime, let's make a positive change for these horses. They need our help.

SOLUTION: When you support this petition, it will go to the Governor's Office in South Carolina. These people have the power to create laws. Make horse drawn carriages illegal in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Help me influence this change.