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Help Dad’s get joint custody automatically!!

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 Hi in South Carolina it is next to impossible for a father who is not married to his child’s mother to get any kind of custody or visitation without it costing thousands of dollars that some dad’s just do not have. I’m asking you to change the law to were as long as the father is on the birth certificate then the mother and father share joint custody equally.  I have personally witnessed too many times where a woman will hold her child “hostage“ just to get what she wants out of the father or two manipulate him.  This is a sad all too common fact in this state  that dads are not given as many rights  as mothers and I believe  that both parents deserve equal rights and to share custody of any child unless it is been proven that one of them is unfit. But to just deny a father shared custody simply because he is not married to the mother is a terrible injustice.  Many fathers face difficulties trying to be a part of their kids life because of the child’s mother and end up giving up because it is too difficult and too heartbreaking to deal with constant struggles on a regular basis.  I personally know one such father. My sons dad is a wonderful loving man to his children, his wife is amazing and they’re a little baby  tha is so adorable. My son gets along with them and with his other children except for one. One child  that his ex will not allow him to see if he has our son with him, which is that child’s half brother, all because she wants to control him. She will not let his wife come with him when he visits. And if anybody is there when he gets out of the car with him she will immediately leave. And that is not fair, no father should have to bow down to the wishes of someone who is only trying to manipulate them.  And because of this my son suffers from not being able to see his younger brother, and this man‘s youngest son suffers from not being able to see his older brother. This is a terrible injustice must be corrected! Fathers deserve just as much as mothers do. Please please change these antiquated laws to better help fathers get a better chance of being apart of their kids lives 

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