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Cease threatening Dr. Mehmet Oz for transparently talking to America about GMO labeling

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It is hypocritical for any group - especially one with known GMO conflicts of interest - to attempt silencing Dr. Oz for discussing GMOs with the American public. Some of us are in favor, and others oppose GMOs or their labeling, but we all emphatically agree that free speech without fear of intimidation is in everyone’s best interest.

This is an attack on more than just Dr. Oz - this irresponsible and misguided attack puts us all at risk. At its core, the letter calling for Columbia University to remove Dr. Oz from their faculty is a thinly veiled attempt by individuals with clear conflicts of interest and even worse criminal convictions to scare the American public and control our national health conversation. 

The common denominator among the authors is a conservative pro-GMO, pro-industry advocacy group: The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH), which is funded by Monsanto and tied to many pro-GMO campaigns. 

The issue is not whether you agree with Dr. Oz - on this matter or others. The issue is whether we allow agenda-driven bullies to destroy a doctor’s reputation for having a discussion and educating consumers on an extremely important health issue.  

Labeling GMOs, despite being law in most other countries, remains a hot button topic in the US, particularly given massive amounts of money being poured into the agricultural and food industries to support an anti-labeling agenda. Dr. Oz has never implied that GMO foods are unsafe or should be banned – only that they should be labeled. It is because of his pro-label stance that he is being attacked. 

Don't allow individuals with clear conflict to censor physicians like Dr. Oz from discussing GMOs with the American people. If you are a member of the medical community, please include your degree and current institution in the optional text field, "I'm signing because...," and join us as we support free speech without fear of intimidation. 

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