To Newsquest and Gannett: Stop publishing The National’s anti-English hate in Scotland

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Over 4000 signatures! Let's keep the pressure on...

Thank you for signing The Majority's petition to stop Newsquest and Gannett profiting from The National’s anti-English hate. With your help, we have gathered 4114 signatures. But we need to keep the pressure on... 

The cancer at Newsquest is so bad that they co-promoted this week’s SNP pro-separation leaflet, pushing out misleading and bigoted nationalist propaganda to one million Scottish homes. All this, despite Newsquest’s editorial policy, which says: Our local newspapers are politically neutral in that they are not affiliated with a particular political party or movement

But then again, an order to print a million copies of nationalist propaganda is quite a bit of cash to morally bankrupt executives, like Henry Faure Walker, Newsquest’s CEO, who happily accepted an MBE from the UK, while he profits from trying to break it up. Shameless hypocrite.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Please keep promoting our petition to your friends and on social media. We aim to get over 10,000 signatures — more than The National’s subscribers — and show that the people of Scotland reject them trying to divide our country for profits. So, if you can, please share it now.

Petition link:

Let's keep the pressure on until they do the right thing and stop publishing hate.

Thank you,

Mark Devlin
The Majority

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