No more shut downs

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As recent “claims” that COVID-19 is on the rise in our city. It has come to my attention that we have a well known individual known as La Gordiloca trying to shut down our city through means of petition because of fear.  In order for our city to thrive. We need need commerce. Without businesses thriving our economy will weaken and families with children and elderly will suffer due to the loss of capital (money). While COVID IS a huge issue we can all do our part in preventing this Virus, but we can’t all do our part to keep commerce alive and our city thriving if we are all locked down. As citizens of Laredo and great Patriots. I ask that you counter the petition for locking our city down with this petition which makes more sense. NO - MORE -LOCK - DOWNS. People need to work and our small businesses need to thrive to keep Laredo Beautiful and thriving. It is a basic fundamental right to work!