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Stop homework in Henrico County

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Homework should not be permitted in HCPS. Us kids sit in school for 5-7 hours, and then we have our after school time which should be our own time, but, unfortunately, it hardly is. Teachers give us a bunch of homework to do, and homework isn't even useful. We deserve our time after school and on our weekends. What if we have a club, or a class, or need to attend tutoring? We're just stuck before and/or after it with a bunch of homework and not enough time to do it. Homework increases depression and anxiety, as well as stresses out students even more than they already are with all these subjects and electives. I get studying as homework, but with homework, sometimes we don't even get to study because we spend so much time doing homework, that by the time were done, there is no time left or we are too tired and fall asleep instead, lowering our grades. Sometimes, we may not need to study, but still, sometimes when we finish our homework, it is late, and the next day at school, our teachers give us a bunch of random graded classworks, and we hardly remember anything since we're so tired, we end up getting an F, or maybe a D. Homework is unfair to us students. To any adults that see this, how would you like your young child always so stressed out and having eye bags? Don't you want them to remain happy like they were before getting a bunch of homework after 5-7 hours of school, 5 days a week, with homework to do over the weekend? This is why I would encourage adults to sign this too.

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