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Henrico County Board of Supervisors: Agree to a few basic compromises to the Innsbrook Next UMU project.

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The greater Innsbrook residential community recognizes that revitalization in the Innsbrook Corporate Park is important to all those who own property (commercial or residential), and live, work, invest or otherwise support and use the facilities in the area. That development effort should be in the best interests of all the residential, commercial and government community.
The Henrico County Vision 2026 Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) is an over-arching guide for the future development of Henrico County. It is a long-range vision, with goals and objectives to reflect the community’s values and needs. The Plan addresses a broad spectrum of topics and functions of the county that are essential to the continued health and vitality of the community.
The changes that are envisioned by cases C-13C-11 and P-10-11 that anticipate a Urban Mixed Use (UMU) area in the Innsbrook Corporate Park must be subject to the Plan.
Accordingly, we petition the Board to adopt the following provisions that address three visionary issues contemplated by the Plan as part of their consideration and approval of these cases.
Vision: A safe, efficient and effective transportation system contributes to the well-being of citizens and businesses and enhances the quality of life within the county. Adequate transportation facilities enhance economic development and support land use decisions. Proactive transportation planning should be pursued to identify necessary transportation infrastructure improvements and to coordinate with other Comprehensive Planning efforts of the county along with other agencies within the region.
1. The Board should require amendment of Proffer 8 to preserve direct access to Nuckols Road by the Sadler Road residents (do not route the Sadler Road traffic through any traffic circle that would impede direct access to Nuckols Road), AND require redevelopment (widening and straightening) of Sadler Road from Nuckols Road to Broad Street (or Dominion Blvd) to allow safe and efficient transit (work to be completed prior to any development work in the UMU area), AND incorporate safe pedestrian access to the UMU area from residences east and south of Nuckols and Cox Roads (by use of controlled traffic lights, crosswalks and sidewalks). Also, Sadler Road should not be placed back in its original road bed; instead, the trees and plantings in that area should be preserved to help screen the adjacent residences.
2. The Board should require amendment of Proffer 9 to eliminate or increase the cost cap to accomplish the proffered conditions.
Vision: Henrico County will be a diverse, safe, and prosperous community with distinct and sustainable neighborhoods and business districts that provide a range of housing, employment, service, education, recreation, and cultural opportunities for all people of the county. Growth and development will continue in an efficient manner that promotes the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of all residents while contributing to a well-balanced and stable economy, and preserving significant environmental and quality of life features that have become hallmarks of Henrico’s various communities.
3. The Board should require amendment of Proffer 4 to limit the building heights in the UMU area as follows: buildings within 100 feet of the property line of a residential lot can be no taller than 25 feet, buildings at least 100 feet from the property line of a residential lot can be up to 45 feet in height, and buildings at least 1,000 feet from the property line of a residential lot can be up to 80 feet in height.
4. The Board should require amendment of Proffer 10 to add additional screenings representing by buffers, plantings of trees and shrubs, and fencing in keeping with community standards (particularly along the UMU site’s western boundary) should be added and maintained to ensure protection of residential neighborhoods from noise and lights from the UMU area.
5. The proffered land uses (as requested by the applicant in P-10-11) should not allow billiard parlors, heliports, drive-through service windows, vehicle rental facilities, or buildings in excess of 80 feet in height.
Vision: In order to be fiscally responsible and provide adequate public services and infrastructure to the current and future residents and businesses in Henrico County, it will be important to closely coordinate development with plans for expansion of public services and infrastructure.
6. The Board should ensure that all infrastructure is put in place to manage existing concerns of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, fire, police, water, sewer, library, etc., before further construction is allowed, to ensure safety, security and smooth development of the area. This includes the rework of Sadler Road (to straighten and widen this narrow road from Nuckols to Dominion/Broad), and installation of sidewalks (e.g., from Cedar Forest Road to Cedar Branch Court, along Sadler Place to the Post Office, along Cox Road from Nuckols to Broad, etc.). Additionally, the applicant should be required to install residential street lamps along the above mentioned sidewalks in keeping with the standard along Highwoods Parkway.

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