H&M: please do become more size inclusive (produce larger size shoes)

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I direct my request to H&M because you are virtually available in all countries and a lot of people would benefit from this change. 

There are people, like me, who are born with a large feet of size 43 and nothing in the world can change that. Unlike figure, the height and the foot size is a given. Any women's size larger than 41 is a curse for all of us. I can imagine, for men with large feet equally as well. 

Now that the younger generation becomes taller and thus their feet become larger it is time to provide larger shoe sizes, if even online. We want to be fashionable as well, like our smaller feet friends!

I am sure many, many people would enjoy the new range of availability in shoes. Online, sizes 41 and 42 are sold out the fastest, and I am sure there is demand there!

Sign my petition for H&M to become more size inclusive, also in shoes. I imagine that shoe sizes 43 and 44 are sold online for women and sizes 46 and 47 for men.