Get Henley High school to start Providing Recycle bins on school grounds

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Way too much landfill ends up in our school's bins. It's even worse when students have no choice but to throw perfectly recyclable products into the landfill bin every single day. As a school that is 'Striving For Excellence', Henley high school is definitely not striving for a better world for our future generations. 

Nothing is happening to change this situation. Last year, KESAB collected all our day's worth of garbage to calculate how much recycling has ended up into Henley high school's bins. When the results came back, approximately 8,000 Litres of rubbish was collected. The shocking surprise is that the amount of non-recyclable products that ended up in our bins where only 20 Litres.

I have continuously been asking my teachers, as to why we don’t have recycling bins at our school, and what the school is doing about it. Every time I ask a teacher, all they say is, ‘we’re working on it,’ or ‘ I don’t even know if we’re getting any.’ Recycling bins shouldn’t be a ‘luxury’ to a school that is less than 200 metres away from the shore! 

I am starting to see some cardboard recycling bins around some of our classes, but this is not enough. Students do not sit in classes during recess and lunch, which is where most of the rubbish is thrown away. 

It has come to the point where I even keep my rubbish till I get home to throw it out, or just bringing my own containers. It’s getting hugely out of hand. Most of Henley High school's canteen rubbish is paper and aluminium, which is what they wrap the food in. Two Perfect recycling products, excluding juice boxes and bottles.

Something needs to be done, and one student shouting their concerns is clearly not enough for a high school to do what is right. So i ask you to join me, by signing this petition.