Stop the rezoning of Bates property and D. R. Horton developer properties

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We moved to Hendersonville, TN For the good schools and open space. We don't mind the development with in reasonable limits. 105 homes are too many and dishonesty from the developer has forced us to come together. Our schools suffer from over crowding and traffic is horrific. We also feel there hasn't been time to complete a good assesment of the area in relationship to the effect of new traffic (200+ new cars), long term property value assesment of current homes, how the drainage effect property with current homes near the four way on East and Indain lake, how extra traffic will impack our roads, how construction equipment will effect roads conditions, and current studies fail to address over population in all pennisula schools. Also believe the study done on the big curve at East Drive is not correct and turning that corner into 4 way stop will add more than a second. Anyone who drive the roads currently knows traffic is not pleasent. Please sign this petition to help stop the rezoning of D. R. Horton properties on July 10th 2017

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