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My Testament

A state that does not allow its people to live, will not live long either
Two years ago, early in the morning, I was devastated for what had happened - Pavel Sheremet was murdered in his car. His murderers have not yet been found.
Sheremet, like any other journalist, wanted to change the world for the better. The secret committee is now preparing me for a similar trap. Like Sheremet, I also wanted to make the world a better place. But could not. And now, probably, I am facing the same ending for my self. HoweverI am at peace, because I still have the opportunity to write a will.
On July 17, the Ukrainian press published a list of Turkish nationals doomed to be extradited from Ukraine to Turkey, and I am one of them. The extradition of these people was requested by Erdogan regime. Ukrainian authorities did not react and did not comment on this information. I am on the black list and constantly receiving threats from the Turkish community in Ukraine - it is extremely unsettling and unsafe for me and for my family.

Why did Erdogan become an enemy?
Working as a journalist and trying to communicate information objectively, the past five years, I constantly came across the pressure of Erdogan's supporters, as I do not support him in achieving the dream of the "Caliphate" and "Sultanate" and do not promote his policy on my articles.
It all began in 2013 with a corruption scandal in Turkey, in which the top leadership was implicatedwhen Erdogan was still the Prime Minister. Then I began to receive the first threats. Shortly thereafter, the Turkish Embassy in Kiev, which previously awarded me for my services, declared me a terrorist for articles in which I do not support Erdogan. Currently, the Turkish authorities are using every opportunity to damage my reputation, both in Turkish and in Ukrainian society.

The Turkish Embassy does not provide any official certificates and documents for me or for my family. They tell us their compters are down. Because of fear of arbitrary detention which is very common in Turkey, I have not been to my homeland since 2015. Most of my relatives believe Erdogan's false, unfounded and senseless accusations against me, and there fore they have broken their relationship with me.
I left Turkey at the age of 17. Never committed any offense in Turkey or Ukraine. I try not to violate the laws of God described in the Bible and the Koran, nor international laws. Now they want to deprive me of my freedom and silence me. But for me it's better to live without bread than to live without freedom! It's better to die than to obey the cruel regime of Erdogan! I prefer to die a thousand times than apologize to Erdogan for the articles I have written! And judging by the threats that I receive from Turkish nationals in Ukraine, I do not have much time to live.

If I am killed in Ukraine, then I ask, not do an autopsy. Under no circumstances, do not hand over my body to the Turkish state. Let the funeral prayer be held in the Ar-Rahma mosque. I want to be buried in a Muslim cemetery on Tatarka. I am wishing that it is written on my thumb stone: "All people are brothers in this world, respect each other."
Please do not call my street names, as in the case of Gongadze. Do not officially report my death to the Republic of Turkey, the state that sets me traps. States that do not give life to their people, don't live long either.

Yunus Erdogdu, for


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