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Petitioning helping stop animal torture and death in this country

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because i have seen the horrible things that occure chickens being tortured in pens to small lights left on 24 hours to prduce more eggs pigs being left in pens and cant stand up
.if we dont help stop this of all animals we are going to die from eating poison food little dogs and cats being gassed what a horrible death .the things that we rely on for food must be proper ly caged and taken care of or they become sick but they are killed or die in transport .pigs need to be on their feet or the blood doesnt go to their legs which make the hams and shanks bitter meat
i know these things ive raised pigs and chickens they need to scathch if we dont stop this cruel treatment we are as guilty.little dogs and cats are on the biggest list please adovate all you can i know we have a heart
.a man here beat a little dog to death with a golf club because he was mafd at girlfriend.thats just one of hundreds but they are never punished im not smart at this but please help together we can make a difference.

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  • helping stop animal torture and death in this country

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