Revising and bringing back Block Parents

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If a child knocks our door then stand on the porch with them. Let the bully know they don't have to hide. Let the kids see we believe them. Let the bully know they will be held accountable. You will contact the school and the police. We can utilize this to our benefit.

If a bully will follow to a porch then we can hold them accountable.

Parents be outside when you kids are coming home. Sit on your front porch and have a coffee like our parents did.

Help these kids not hide.

As adults we can stand in between and make the call needed at that time

1. To the school because it clearly started there.

2. The police because it continued off school property.

3. To the child in fears parents because they dont always know what's going on.

4. The school can call the bullies parents

And we can start a proper process to protecting our kids.

No more hiding. Dont take children into your home. Show the kids we will stand up for them in a time of need.

They need to feel validated and believed in a time of crisis!