Help Wilmer Gonzalez & his family stay in Canada

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There has been controversy lately about Wilmer's past. CTV news and many other news outlets have been broadcasting false accusations about Wilmer's past. This is so unfair. This family's quality of life is at stake, and it's worth a lot more than a smeared news article for headlines. The truth is, Wilmer had a domestic dispute with his ex-wife in 2003 the United States and the charges weren't laid against him until 2007. He plead guilty to a Class A Misdemeanor to expedite the process. He did not spend one day in prison. Wilmer paid the court fees, did his probation and attended an anger management course. If he didn't finish his probation, then he would have been sentenced to 180 days in jail. I have attached crucial court documents. This family has nothing to hide. They only want a better life for their children.

Pamela Dewan
3 years ago