Help Wilmer Gonzalez & his family stay in Canada

Why is our Gov't allowing this Travesty to occur? They allow & welcome Isis fighters/illegal immigrants to stroll across our Borders, all at Taxpayers expense; yet condemn a family that has shown cooperation to our Country & Values??!!! I suggest that Canadians Vote en masse to change this Politically Correct Corrupt Gov't (especially the immigration Minister that shows preference to only His Faith & Race). Canada must not only reject Trudeau&Co. - Canada must reclaim and strengthen our National Values and overwhelmingly reject this UN-sponsored New World Order that will only lead to more disfunction & corruption of our Society. WW2 was fought to save us from a similar fate & 3 generations later our "Political Elites" have managed to ruin that sacred sacrifice in favour of their personal political fortune(s) & now add insult to injury by selling out our humanity & 2 thousand years of Western civilisation...

Donald Piche, Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
3 years ago
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