Help Westborough Public Schools Obtain a 'No-Tolerance' Policy

Help Westborough Public Schools Obtain a 'No-Tolerance' Policy

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Petition to Create a Zero Tolerance Policy Regarding Racism in WHS


  1. Immediate Suspension and education for said student (regardless of academic status, extracurricular activities, etc.)
  2. Education for administrative staff and faculty.
  3. Direct verbal apologies to those affected.
  4. Zero leniencies based on the student OR faculty members' successes, social standing, job, etc.
  5. Policy to be put in writing (handbooks, etc.) 

A Westborough High School student used a racial epithet, N-word, with reproach in order to insult and belittle another student on March 28, 2022. We as students feel that the response to what had happened was insufficient.


Personal Statements from Students: 


Student #1: In our teacher’s absence, I was talking with a classmate, not necessarily concerned about the seating. As the school was transitioning to the next period, other students began to walk into the class. Said student walks up to me saying “Get out of my seat, n_____”. Sure I misheard, because of how low her voice was. In a laughing manner, she told another student of her actions then repeated the word twice more explaining it to that student. Without addressing the situation once it was clarified to me, said student left to use the restroom. Informing a few other students who I felt could help me in this situation became extremely upset and outraged to hear of the situation. Along with the return of the student, came confrontation from another. Clarifying her own knowledge, she asked the student (who used the derogatory term) what she said, and she replied “what I said when I walked into the classroom?”. Confirming the questions she replies with “Oh yeah that. Whoops”. Surprised by the response, an additional classmate interjects saying it’s not a “whoops” problem. Then they attempted to justify their words by saying “it was not said loudly” or “it wasn’t the full word”. Completely baffled by this invalid excuse, the student who confronted them tried to educate them by explaining regardless of the delivery the derogatory term was used disrespectfully.


Student #2: I came into class expecting to take notes in the teacher’s absence so I was more or less looking forward to class. But when I walked into the classroom and headed towards my assigned seat, my friend was sitting in the chair next to me (not assigned to her) and the student whose seat it was was doubled over laughing next to us. I asked the student what was up and they pulled me in as if to tell me a secret. In my ear, they said, “I just walked in and saw [the affected student] sitting in my seat and told her, ‘Get out of my seat, n____!’” Okay. So clearly I didn’t hear them correctly. I asked to hear what they said again, and again they repeated the n-word. This person is white. I am also white. I don’t know whether they thought I would be okay with this but I was horrified and honestly too stunned to speak. The offending student left the room soon after to use the restroom and I made sure my other classmates had heard what I’d heard too. They did. I’m disappointed and beyond upset but not surprised. This hasn’t been the first racist act of the year. I wish it was the last, but if we keep things the way they are right now in Westborough High School, I don’t think it will be. Please, Westborough, let’s practice what we preach. We need to create and enforce anti-racism policies in our schools.



It should be unacceptable to use this - or any racial slur - in any capacity as it is a sentiment of white supremacy that we actively reject as students of Westborough High School and citizens of this country. The administration should not normalize this behavior by sweeping this incident under the rug. When insulting behavior is normalized, it creates a hostile environment and undermines our core values as human beings.


The administration of Westborough High School must do more to address a deeper culture of racism on this campus, and not take actions suggesting desensitization to the topic.


We’re calling on our community members in Westborough to come together to recognize the gravity of what took place in our school. We must be committed to being a unified force taking part in this dialogue. Changes will not happen with one person, it will take us uniting as a community to create an impact. 

869 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!