Help voiceless kids secure a new disability regional stand-alone special school

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Parents and carers are tired.  All we want is a Latrobe Special Developmental School, in a safe location that is purpose built for educating our kids with disabilities. Our kids have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and often vision, hearing and movement impairments, down syndrome, autism, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Tourette syndrome, and many more; the list is extensive.  We have tried but it seems we are being ignored.

  • We would like an equitable split of the stage one funding with Traralgon College
  • We would like to stay a Developmental School
  • We would like a say in the location of the new school
  • We would like to be funded as a stand-alone school not a combined project.

Currently we have a small run-down school that was never built for kids with disabilities. We have stage 1 funding, however this is joint funding with Traralgon College and is to be divided among the two schools, our fear is that because we have a very small number of students compared to the college students, there will not be an equitable split of the funding. Yes we are a small school but our students have high complex needs.

We are a Developmental school, we have special education teachers, allied health workers and support staff. We do not want to become a specialist school. The needs of the students in these two settings is vast. Our kids are awesome but the reality is they require more assistance.

We are being offered to co-locate on a small oval at the back of Traralgon College Senior Campus on Grey street.  Traralgon College is merging their senior and junior campuses onto the Grey Street site, Lavalla Catholic College is next to this and a primary school also. That could mean up to 3000 students in this vicinity. Safety and traffic are major concerns and this site won’t allow for future expansion. We would like a purpose-built school with play areas, a sports oval and basketball court. We feel shared facilities will not work. We would like a say in the location.

It is not fair or feasible to Traralgon College and Latrobe SDS students to combine their funding. For future stages of the build. Latrobe SDS would like to be funded as a stand- alone school.

Building the first purpose built Developmental School in Latrobe Valley should not be a political fix, it should be built because there is an urgent need and our kids deserve it.