Petition to free Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps in China

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Currently, as we are speaking, there is a genocide happening right now in the world. Million of muslims are being held captive in concentration camps in Xinjiang, China. According to former prisoners, they are forced to eat pork, drink alcohol, and denounce themselves as Muslims. With the US commissions calling it “the largest massive incarceration of a minority population in the world” today. This genocide has been going on since spring 2017, and yet nothing has been done by the United Nations to help this cultural minority.This is an attempt of a “cultural cleansing” and it is morally and ethnically wrong.

No one should be persecuted for their religious beliefs. Please sign this petition and help free the Muslims in China from this second holocaust happening in front of our eyes. Please sign this petition if you want to start protesting for this humanitarian cause. Please sign this petition if you want the world to hear our voices.