Help us to save our Village. Go away S.K.A Diary

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M/S S.K.A Diary Foods India (P) Ltd. was started with a promise of small scale industry and expanding to large scale not considering the available infrastructure and the welfare of our village. This makes it very hard for the villagers to live and do the work we do for generations. Below are the issues we are facing
1. Waste water is drained(please refer the video link below) in the empty land causing bad smell, breeding ground for mosquitos, ground water contamination and making the soil not fit for agriculture.
2. Dark smoke from 2 chimneys are too toxic, eye irritating and coughing.
3. Local single lane road was constructed in patta land taking advantage of “Namakku Naame” scheme. Road is damaged by the heavy vehicles traffic which is making hard for locals and school buses.
4. The factory runs 24 hours in residential area which leaves us with noises and chances for anti-social element activities.

Villagers petitioned to Salem District Collector and necessary action was taken to temporarily to stop the factory from releasing further waste and damage the environment. We are thankful to The Collector for taking the necessary initial action. We are urging to move the facility to an industrial area to avoid our village from getting destroyed further and forever.

Update : Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board(TNPCB) lifted the temporary ban and allowed the factory to run again from 30 July 2018 without any remedy to the existing water and soil pollution or listening to the concerns of hundreds of affected residents around the factory.

We request everyone to support our genuine fight to save our village.

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