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Governor of Utah Governor Gary Herbert
Governor Of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper
President of the United States Mr. President Barack Obama
Bruce Spring was sentenced to 3 consecutive §924(c)(i) convictions for a total of 66 years 10 months without the possibility of parole. His part in the non-violent bank robberies was as an aider & abetter – the driver. His co-defendant served 3 years in state prison and was released after pleading guilty to being the robber in all counts. Now, after more than 2 decades in federal prison,Bruce too has an opportunity to be released. The Court now states “because mandatory minimum sentences increase the penalty for a crime, any fact that increases the mandatory minimum is an “element” that must be submitted to the Jury”. “Facts that increase the prescribed range of penalties to which a criminal defendant is exposed are elements of the crime, and thus the 6th Amendment provides defendants with the right to have a Jury find those facts beyond a reasonable doubt”. In Bruce's case, the second or subsequent part of §924(c)(i) was not submitted to the Jury. Therefore, those portions of his sentence are in violation of the 6th Amendment. At this time, we are begging that someone out there please assists him in getting his case before the Court & heard on its merits.

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