Help Stop The Jet Noise In Huntington Beach, CA

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Air Traffic Noise Working Group of HB
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Neighborhoods throughout Huntington Beach are being subject to 5x to 10x the amount of roaring jet noise than ever before due to LOWER, LOUDER, and MORE FREQUENT overflights to surrounding airports. 

The FAA's recent implementation of NextGen has taken traditional flight paths previously fanned out across many miles and funneled them into tightly concentrated flight corridors throughout Huntington Beach. Communities unfortunate enough to live under these 'super-highways' are suffering greatly...and it's only getting worse.

We MUST work with the FAA to revert these super-highways back to more dispersed and environmentally friendly flight paths as well as raise overflights to the maximum altitudes safety allows. It's critical that you sign our petition! It will help the Huntington Beach City Council and it's Air Traffic Noise Working Group (composed of appointed HB residents) take action on this local AND nationwide issue with the FAA NextGen changes.

Vist for more information and THANK YOU for supporting our cause!