Tilapia Fishes Dying. Save Lake Sebu.

Tilapia Fishes Dying. Save Lake Sebu.

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        Lake Sebu is a protected landscape and is the home of the T’boli.  It is vital to the Allah Valley Watershed System. Once a quiet lake serving as a natural fishing ground for the indigenous people, the lake is now filled with robust tilapia aquaculture.  Unfortunately, in the last 3 to 4 years, fish kills are taking place more than 3 times in a year leading to major financial loss to fish farm growers. 

        If  aquaculture and Tilapia production within the Lake should prosper and continue, Fish Welfare should be considered as one of the key intervenors in ensuring a sustainable, healthy farm production.

The Lake is Dying!

         With almost zero dissolved oxygen, it may no longer be capable of sustaining life.  Suspended particles, overcrowded fish cages, debris, waste from the fish and excess feed settling down at the bottom of the lake has contributed greatly to its death.  

“The lake’s carrying capacity is around 320 fish cages. With 4,586 fish pens based on the record of the lake warden’s office, the lake is carrying 13 times beyond its capacity.” Source: https://www.mindanews.com/ 

But it's not too late. There is something we can all do.

“Improved Fish Welfare is Improved Economy and Sustainable Aquaculture Production”  - Dr. Rey Camuta Del Napoles, Better Fish Tomorrow 

       We aim to start to raise awareness of this issue that has not been nationally recognized to be of critical  national concern despite the fact that Lake Sebu is one of the Philippines important watersheds and major provider of irrigation to the provinces of Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato.

        Your support will put pressure on the national and local government units of the Philippines to speed up policy issuances and undertake urgent interventions like reducing the number of fish cages in Lake Sebu, if not imposing a temporary halt to aquaculture inside the lake, enabling it to rest and recuperate.

1. Education about improved Fish Welfare and  Lake Conservation is being encouraged in order to bridge the participation gap in the greater community.

2. Technical and regulatory assistance to municipal agencies in the realignment and/or zonification of fish cages

3. Regular water testing and monitoring

4. Responsible fish farming  through 
   a. Appropriate stocking density
   b. Improved farm structure and spacing of cages 
   c. Adherence to Issuances by the government 
   d. Usage of appropriate feed types
   e. "Adoptive Modular Cage System" Application

5. Lobby for Strict Implementation of the Municipal government to implement a lake carrying capacity of 10%.

6. Intensifying the Philippine Easement Law 

Join us on this journey |  Better Fish, Better Lake Sebu Tomorrow.

Hidden away from plain view, fishes are suffering. 

Join us in showing that every one of us, whether inhabitants of  Lake Sebu or not, care about the welfare of the farmed fish and the future of Lake Sebu. 

Sign this petition on behalf of our fish, the lake and our next generations.

Please, add your name to the “Tilapia Fishes Dying. Save Lake Sebu.” petition today

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For further details, check the full copy of our petition here: https://bit.ly/SaveLakeSebu

Stand for Truth Documentary
Full Video: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=451500060492624 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!