Save Hawaii Chickens

Save Hawaii Chickens

March 14, 2022
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Hawaii legislators are trying to implement a five year pilot program to eradicate feral chickens from all Hawaiian islands using OvoControl, a contraceptive bird feed that prevents bird eggs from hatching.

Though we appreciate their attempt to be more humane, studies have shown OvoControl can reduce a bird’s ability to dissipate heat when environmental temperatures and humidity are high (as they are in Hawai’i), causing increased sensitivity to heat stress and even mortality. There are reports the feed can contaminate soil, bugs, nearby water sources, and must not be used in damp areas or rain.

The drug is more often used for Canadian geese and Mallard ducks, requiring a special permit, and would take concerted effort to keep protected birds from inadvertently consuming it (including the rarest goose on earth the Hawaiian nēnē and the only endemic duck the koloa; on Kaua’i they can reside in the same areas). Environmental impact studies should be conducted for widespread use around rare bird species in such unique ecosystems. [Some locals also eat feral chicken eggs, and as Hawaii's DOA has recommended in prior, similar bills, a study would need to be done to show ovo-control treated chickens and eggs are safe for consumption).

The Department of Health has made it clear they oppose the bill and do not have the resources to accomplish this monumental task.

In the latest rendition of the bill they are trying to leave out what the "humane methods" will be. We fear they will bait and switch - selling it as humane, then realizing ovo-control is not possible to use, switch it poisons or costly catch and kill programs that have already been tried with no positive long term results.

The thing in common with these efforts is they never seem to address root cause issues like cockfighting operations and the dumping of birds. It’s not the chicken’s fault!

They claim that feral chickens threaten or kill native Hawaiian birds, while ignoring real threats: cats, mongoose, rats, parakeets (carry avian malaria), unleashed dogs, people, cars, windmills, industrial scale solar, building in wetlands, bright lights (from resorts), mosquitos and pesticides. DLNR even testified feral chickens are not a concerning threat to native birds.

Hawai’i has become known for their beloved chickens; people joke they’re the state bird. Songs, art, crafts, tees, postcards, entire businesses devoted to them. This is especially the case on Kaua’i. So many locals love them and visitors can’t wait to come back and see them again.

Hawaii’s feral chickens have Junglefowl DNA. Brought to the islands by Polynesian navigators, the moa have lived alongside the native fauna ever since. When domesticated chickens escaped coops or were released in the wild, they bred with the wild chickens. Today these chickens are highly valued and sought after to strengthen domesticated bird breeds.

When Eben Gering, PhD, Michigan State University, Department of Zoology came to Kaua'i to study our chickens he said this: “It is crucial that we identify and conserve the genetic variation that still remains in the Red Junglefowl. This variation could soon be essential for the improvement or evolutionary rescue of commercial chicken breeds.

A more holistic approach would be cultivating rather then scheming to end this breed. Hawai’i could use allocated funds to establish well-needed bird sanctuaries and locally organized chicken programs on each island.

Hawai’i leaders have been touting their efforts to become more sustainable. Fact is, Hawaii’s feral chicken eggs are some of the most delicious eggs you may ever eat. And the most sustainable means of population control with chickens is not drugging them to destroy their eggs, but instead harvesting, selling, and eating their eggs.

There are more efficient, eco-conscious ways to manage the feral chicken population in Hawai’i instead of trying to “eradicate” them.

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We the undersigned do not support SB2195 or any bill that aims to "eradicate" feral chickens in Hawai'i through drugged bird seed or other inhumane methods. Kill the bill, not Hawaii's chickens.

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Signatures: 3,015Next Goal: 5,000
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