Save Razor Point's Water

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The Province and CRD are draining this vital pond; for the last 2 weeks have been draining this entity with the goal to dump 82%, or approximately 2.5 million gallons out of 3 million gallons of this precious freshwater into Browning Harbour on Pender Island and then leave a 3 ft diameter culvert in place, draining many more millions of gallons of freshwater into the ocean every year, rather than retaining it and allowing it to slowly recharge the aquifers of this area. Pender Island gets very little rainfall in the summer and ever drop is precious to us; we abide by the rule of if it's yellow let it mellow, save our rinse water for watering plants and participate in NavyMilitary showers.

It is strongly feared that by draining this pond:

  • adversely affected wells in the Razor Point Peninsula
  • remove a fire fighting resource
  • destroy an ecosystem and two blue-listed protected species, the cattail marsh and Northern Red-Legged frog makes this pond its' home

The government's stated reason for this draining is that there are homes down-slope from the dam that could be threatened should the dam ever breach in a huge earthquake or other natural disaster; however the government has a choice; they could reinforce the dam to BC Provincial Standards.

Pleas to the local and provincial governments have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears, with the Province/CRD maintaining an absurdly stubborn resolve to drain rather than retain the pond. 

We are asking the government to stop work this work, reassess the risk they take as a result of ignoring their own declared climate emergency.

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