Save All Dr. Seuss Titles!

Save All Dr. Seuss Titles!

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Chris Bocchino started this petition to 9645 Scranton Rd, #130, San Diego, California 92121, US Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. and

Dr. Seuss Enterprises has recently chosen to terminate the publication of six titles, citing racist depictions in their illustrations. Those titles are:

  • If I Ran the Zoo
  • And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
  • On Beyond Zebra!
  • McElligot’s Pool
  • Scrambled Eggs Super!
  • The Cat’s Quizzer

The short explanation: Dr. Seuss Enterprises' decision to avoid offending some people by canceling any quantity of Dr. Seuss' works has profoundly offended a massive quantity of readers. This petition seeks to convince Dr. Seuss Enterprises to allow publication of these titles to be resumed.

The long explanation: We believe in the right of readers to choose for themselves whether or not to read or purchase books. By honoring this right, every reader has an avenue to pursue reading and further their education in whatever way suits them best. The decision is not made for them; they are able to make their own decision in a world in which options abound. By choosing to censor or "cancel" works which may offend people, Dr. Seuss Enterprises (hereby referred to as DSE) is contributing to the slow destruction of the literary world.

Show us a book and we will show you someone who is offended by it. Historically, there have been famous groups of peoples and ideologies that burned books out of offense. If allowed to stay on course, such acts inevitably lead towards cultural genocide and worse. It's just six books, you might say, but erosion is a powerful force even if it is slow and subtle. The censorship of books is an attempt to erase memories rather than preserve them and continue to learn from the lessons they present. The preserved and uncensored literary world is a shield that helps us defend against oppression, racism, and ideas that devalue human life.  

Dr Seuss’s works are a part of our society. To reject them (beyond the scope of individual readers choosing to reject them personally) is to reject the love that many readers hold for these books. There are children who love If I Ran the Zoo (as one example) who are now left wondering if they did something bad by enjoying the book. In the first place, it is not wrong to enjoy the books. In the second place, if any book contains concepts that are offensive to some people then that is an opportunity to teach. We navigate the present best when we remember the past.

We would never seek to deprive readers of the opportunity of reading any book by Dr. Seuss. DSE's decision is a spit in the face of every Seuss fan and we will not stand idly by while his books are suppressed because of politics. Let our numbers be a testament to our grievance.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!