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Help Us Protect Our Purebred Cats & Dogs

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Do you want your next kitten or puppy to come from a home where they are treated as one of the family? Raised in a safe warm secure environment? Be well adjusted, friendly, happy and healthy? Be able to visit the breeder’s home and contact the breeder for advice? 

OR do you want them to come from a facility (pet shop or large commercial breeding) environment and have no idea of their history or genetic makeup?

If you prefer the first option, then we URGENTLY need your help and support.

We ask that you sign this petition to let Minister Niall Blair (NSW Government Minister for Primary Industries) know that the proposed changes will have an adverse impact on the responsible and ethical hobby breeders of purebred cats and dogs in NSW, making it difficult or impossible for them to continue breeding and promoting the rise of legitimised, sterile facilities breeding kittens and puppies on mass for the sole purpose of supplying pet shops and making a profit. 

The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (POCTA) legislation has existing Codes of Practices for the Breeding of Cats and Dogs in NSW and these were designed to improve the welfare of these animals in NSW. The NSW Government has proposed changes to these Codes of Practice with the desired outcome being to continue to improve animal welfare and to eliminate unethical, irresponsible breeders and puppy /kitten farms.

However, the proposed changes will treat every breeder in the same way (whether they breed one litter, five litters or fifty litters per year). Currently, most breeders of purebred cats and dogs are small breeders (called Hobby Breeders), however they will be subject to the same regulations as large commercial breeding facilities, yet they have none of the financial benefits or resources of a business run for profit. MOST of the proposed changes do nothing to improve the welfare of cats and dogs and some will have an adverse welfare effect. 

What distinguishes backyard breeders/pet shops/kitten or puppy farms from responsible registered breeders (hobby breeders) of purebred cats and dogs?

It is simple - registered breeders have a passion for a particular breed of cats or dogs, and have a desire to improve the standards, health and welfare of their chosen breed. They ensure there is a known demand for their chosen breed and personally screen all enquiries and potential purchasers of their kittens and puppies, often spending many, many hours talking to and educating people, before selecting the homes that are best suited to a particular kitten or puppy. They won't sell or place kittens or puppies with people whose lifestyle, commitment, attitude or home situation does not fit the breed or particular animal. This eliminates the impulse purchases (much more likely in pet shop situations), which lead to less animals ending up in pounds and rescue situations.

Registered breeders spend hours with expectant mums, hand feeding babies, completing all necessary vet work, socialising babies so they are well adjusted, providing advice after the babies have gone to their new home. They also support the many rescue organisations (large and small) that are inundated due to irresponsible breeders and pets who are bought as an impulse purchase, and are 100% behind preventing cruelty to animals. Registered breeders are heartbroken when a life is lost, will spend thousands of dollars if veterinary treatment is required, plus much more. Making a profit is NOT a priority or even likely. Their priority is the health and welfare of their cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.

If the proposed legislation is allowed to pass in its current form, it will facilitate the demise of the (registered) hobby breeder, as they will not be able to meet the significantly increased and onerous mandatory requirements that are aimed at large commercial breeding facilities. 

Please sign this petition and help us secure the future availability of happy, healthy well adjusted puppies and kittens bred by ethical registered (hobby) breeders.

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