Help us pass the "Respect for Gender Equality and Diversity Ordinance" in Ginowan City

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Announcement of a new ordinance


1)   Announcement of a new ordinance

      On September 30th, a new ordinance to succeed the previously rejected Respect for Gender Equality and Diversity Ordinance was introduced. Public commentary is now being solicited. While wording encouraging equal treatment on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation was present in the original version, this language has been deleted in this latest ordinance. This deletion reflects the opinions of the council members who helped defeat the previous ordinance.

 2)   Public Commentary Period

     While public commentary is being solicited for this new ordinance, it is now a requirement for commenters to leave their name, address, and age. This is an incredibly challenging requirement from the view of Ginowan’s LGBTQ community and other minorities. I intend to bring up this issue with the city. Note that public commentary is limited to those who live or work in Ginowan. If anyone lives in Ginowan and would like to comment on everyone’s behalf, we invite you to send requests for the wording of the original ordinance to be restored. 

 Public commentary link(in Japanese) 

 3)   Submission of signatures

      On Thursday, October 1st (the day after the announcement of the new ordinance), we submitted our letters of protests along with a list of signatures to both the mayor of Ginowan and to the chairperson of the Ginowan City Council.


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12 months ago