Help us Maintain the Cleanliness and Orderliness of Paraiso River

Help us Maintain the Cleanliness and Orderliness of Paraiso River

May 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hermae Rose Iblan

Paraiso River was once considered a hidden river in Barangay Santiago, Iriga City. The river was not previously well-known or considered a tourist attraction. However, it was recently uncovered through the usage of the social media platform Facebook. Many posts about it encourage people to visit the place. It was open to the public and tourists from other cities and municipalities

The resort was operated by Mr. Pedro Nacario and Management. In just two months after the place was open to public, It became popular to people because of social media. With the number of people who know the area, more and more cottages have been built.There are 11 cottages and they are planning to build more cottages. Mostly the resort was crowded on weekends. Because of the people visiting the place, the river became polluted. More garbage from the tourist floats around the water and river sides. Garbage are not well maintained.

According to Clemencia Velasco, two months after the resort was opened to public, the number of people visiting the place gradually increased because of social media. She also told that a group of people from Naga City visit the place and volunteer to remove the garbage in the river.


  •  Additional income to the residents of Barangay Santiago.
  •  More locals are interested in the place.
  •  A great promotion of local tourist spots.
  •  Provide community of Barangay Santiago benefits clean water.
  •  Connects people with their local rivers and inspires people to  further protect their hometown rivers.


  •  Garbage and waste are not well maintained, that highly affects the river.
  •  More tourist means more garbage.
  •  Water pollution and low flow can make it difficult to enjoy boating, fishing or swimming our rivers.


  1.  Conduct an all-out cleaning drive and remove the floating garbage around the river.  
  2.  Put some tarpaulin stating that throwing garbage is not allowed in the place.
  3.  The barangay should tasked some people to strictly monitor the resort and control garbage waste.
  4. The city should be part in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the Paraiso River.

People are encouraged to sign and share this petition to receive the opportunity to inform the local government and barangay about the pollution in Paraiso River. 

Your ONE VOTE can truly make a difference in saving this BEAUTIFUL RIVER! Give your support and share this call for change to your family and friends. Be part of the petition and save PARAISO RIVER.




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Signatures: 58Next Goal: 100
Support now