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Keep my school from being closed down due to lack of funding

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I am a student in year 10 currently preparing to take my GCSE's. I moved to a school called Future Tech Studio to pursue my interests in subjects such as IT and Computer Science. I have attended this brilliant school since September 2016, only to be told now, in March, that it will "most likely be closing at the end of the year".

The reason for this is under subscription to the school. To few children are going to the school, which means the school doesn't have the money to keep it open anymore.

I think it is wrong to close a school when you have 50-60 children midway through their GCSE's, exams that are hard enough without having to move school, change options, make new friends and all the other things that accompany starting at a new school.

Myself and many others will agree that it wrong to put us a students through this, especially in such a crucial time that could affect the rest of our lives. I want to finish my GCSE's here, because it has a brilliant learning environment;

The classes are no bigger than 20 children to 1 teacher.

The teaching style is amazing, guiding each student towards the path that will benefit them most.

The teachers and the students have built bonds with each other, showing respect and trust towards one another.

It is a business oriented school, treating us like mature adults, helping us with any problems we have, even if they are outside of school.

Every teacher is passionate about the subject they teach, delivering lessons, making sure we understand every word said.

I'm not asking for the school to stay open forever, I know I cant get that. I'm just asking for it to stay open long enough for us to finish our GCSE's, without disrupting them or having to change them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it would be a huge help if you can sign this petition to keep my school open.


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