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Drop All The Charges Against Demetrius Roberson in Logan County KY Release Him Immediately

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My name is LaVonsaye Roberson and I' m writing in regards to Demetrius Ulyesses Roberson PID #460477 and DOC#288953 who is my husband. He was born and raised in Flint Michigan which experiences a high crime rate daily in 2012 his mother Natasha Williams who was a single mother of 3 decided to move him along with his brother Bryant Windom (20) and sister Shanea Williams (25) to Bowling Green, KY for a chance at a better life. As a child Demetrius faced borderline retardation and was later diagnosed with a touch of Autism as well as Adhd. Which lead to him having to face multiple challenges such as not being able to walk until he was 3 or talk until he was 8. He has been classified as being disabled since the age of 5. Throughout school he was placed into special education courses due to his delay in being able to read and comprehend material. He also experienced difficulties completing high school he didn't receive his high school diploma until 3 years beyond his scheduled completion date. He has struggled to fit into society his whole life and he continues to struggle even now as a young adult. He is unable to complete his everyday activities without the assistance of family members.

He is currently located at the Eastern Correctional Complex which is located in West Liberty Kentucky. He is currently serving time for a second degree robbery that occurred in 2014. Demetrius had no prior convictions or criminal history at the time this crime was committed this was his very first offense and no one was seriously hurt. He was young and regrets it daily since that has happened he has worked to change his life around but most importantly he made sure he didn't get into anymore trouble he changed his surroundings completely. He was working towards being a father to his kids and a husband to his wife. Family became his number one priority. Even though he made every effect show that he had changed he wasn’t offered restitution, probation or even house arrest by the judge even though he was proven, to be able to maintain stable employment and remain out of trouble due to him being a participate of the Pretrial Diversion Curfew Program that he was ordered to complete by Judge Steve Wilson from 2014 to 2017. He was never ever given a fair chance at life here in Kentucky at all after three years of being on curfew and receiving no violations he was sentenced to prison for 10 flats years on January 23,2017. We all have made mistakes in our life some we can correct and others we regret. No one is perfect. Who would have ever thought that a simple mistake would come back to later hunt you. This is exactly what my family is going through.

The reason I'm contacting you today is in reference to his rights as a disabled and mentally challenged adult who is being taken advantage of by the Russellville Police Department as well as the Logan County Commonwealth’s Attorney Generals Office prosecutor Justin Crocker. I'm asking that all charges against him be dismissed immediately due to he say she say. I would also like for this case to be reviewed by someone who isn't affiliated with Logan County. Due to him or his family never being interviewed by the lead detective  on the case Kenneth Edmonds.  When Interviewed by Edmonds Demetrius requested a lawyer multiple times and Edmonds declined to contact his attorney at the time. Even though information was offered and presented to Detective Kenneth Edmonds as well as Captain Raymer the fact that he was home on the night in question it was ignored. Even though his case was dismissed in Louisville, KY they continued to charge him with the same thing that was dismissed on July 13,2017. I'm asking that Detective Kenneth Edmonds be removed from this case immediately due to him offering money in exchange of a testimony against my husband. I also want him moved to a prison that is closer to his family the facility he is currently located at is 4 ½ hours away from his wife and kids.

Here's my husband's story

Things that were designed to destroy us have only made us stronger. People that have  attempted to destroy my family haven't succeeded. Even at our lowest we still give it our best. We currently live in a state that never honestly want's to hear the truth even when its offered or even presented. I live in a he say she say state where no real proof is ever presented. I moved to KY in 2007 to attend the University of Louisville as well as raise my daughter not knowing that since their considered a commonwealth state that they have no set laws to follow.  I found this out on January 20,2017 life as we knew it completely changed me and my husband was framed by someone who I thought was my friend,someone who I looked up to. After not seeing her for years she reached out to me back in December 2016 saying she was in desperate need her and her spouse had no where to go, no where to stay and me being me I offered a helping hand. But never in a million years would I have imagined that she would come into my home and disrespect not only me but my kids as well. Due to this I asked them to leave in which they did I even offered to take them to where they needed to go but that wasn't good enough. I went out of town for 2 days to Glasgow, Ky to celebrate me and my husband getting married on January 18, 2017 when I returned to pack clothes for our reception that was when I learned that this girl along with her wife had broken into my home. I asked them to leave my home once again. They acted as if they was packing there stuff she even asked me could she check my truck to see if she had any of her clothes in there in which I allowed her to do that.  As she was exiting the door the only thing I remember was her having a handful of bags in her hand. The only thing on my mind was I wanted them gone.  Upon me waiting on them to get their items so that,they could leave my husband tells me that the police is at my door. As I answered the door we were immediately surrounded by the whole Louisville Metro Police Department Swat team with their weapons pointed at us telling us to put our hands up and they immediately started searching me ,my husband(Demetrius) and another relative. In complete shock the only thing running through my mind was am i dreaming and i totally blanked out. After about 20 mins of them searching I was advised that someone in my home had reported that they was being held hostage. In complete shock me, my husband and my relative all looked at each other totally confused because we didn't call them which only left two other individuals who was in the home. They searched my whole house to find that no one was being held hostage, the police advised the girls that they had to leave upon the police escorting the females out the same girl asks to go to my vehicle again saying she needed to get her stuff out my car remind u she had already went before the police came.  I immediately declined her going to my vehicle. Even though she was advised not to approach my vehicle her and the officer continues to approach my vehicle which was parked on a city street about 2 feet away from my home. My back left passenger side door window was cracked she breaks into my vehicle by pushing my window down.  Upon entering my vehicle she retrieves a bag that she says is her's and starts going through it to check for her items she goes thru 2 compartments as she opens the third one she immediately says, "there's guns in here". "This is what I was telling you about these are the guns." At this point I was questioned and asked if I had any knowledge of the weapons in which I advised the officer I did not and I didn't know how they got there. When I arrived they wasn't in the vehicle and I know this because I had to get my clothes from my trip out upon my arrival. The end result was me being arrested for receiving stolen property because it was my vechicle. And my husband being arrested for an outstanding warrant for a missed court date due to having no license in Elizabethtown KY. This situation not only lead to us being arrested but to the Louisville Metro Homicide Division for questioning due to the girl telling them that she had information about an incident that happened which just so happens to be a lie as well. Me and my husband were both released mid morning and every since then me and my husband has been getting harrassed constantly by the individuals who framed us she has bragged about setting us up, bragged about lying to get a reward, threating to place our name on a website as a person of interest in which she did, she has threaten to have people kill me and my kids multiple times as well as my husband's family members. In April 2017 my husband was charged with receiving stolen property as well because on January 31, 2017 a officer Leach with the Louisville Metro Police Department says that my husband admitted to him that the weapons belonged to him, but that wasn't true because at this time my husband was incarcerated at the Warren County Jail located in Bowling Green, Ky and had no visitors on that date this date also happen to be my first court date. We continued to go to court for months with the officers never showing up and us having to reschedule constantly. Me and my husband obtained attorneys who presented all the harassing messages to the lead detective on the case who then presented it to the Grand Jury who decided not to indict us due to us being framed. On July 13,2017 both our cases was dismissed. I was advised that the lead detective on the case needed my help in finding the individuals that framed us in which I agreeded to do so and haven't heard from them since.  The charges were dismissed on me and my husband at least we thought. We literally thought our nightmare was over to not only realize that it was just beginning on August 2,2017 my husband was indicted on 14 charges one which just so happens to be a murder charge which is  based solely off of statements that the girls that framed us in Louisville provided.  My husband doesn't even know these girls at all. Since the indictment I have continued to receive multiple messages from her stating she's gonna make sure I'm next and she made it to where he'll never get out. I also received messages from her stating the lead detective on the case Kenneth Edmonds promised her a 25,000 reward to testify against my husband. I have taken every measure to do things the correct way I've reported this to multiple police departments to include Louisville Metro, Russellville Police Department and Glasgow Police Department and the State Police to get absolutely no where or no results. I've offered information to the detective to only be told that "my husband is already in the penitentiary so I might as well say it was him." And that he doesn't want to look at any information I have because it's not going to matter at the time my mother in law Natasha Williams was present. I also advised him to contact our attorneys from Louisville and he said he wasn't going to contact anyone. Absolutely nothing is being done I've been told multiple times there's nothing they can do. Which is a lie. For the safety of my children they are not in the home with me because the police say there's nothing they can do. I have filed multiple complaints. No one should ever have to experience all this because they no longer want someone at there home.  But through it all we've remained humble as can be. They have moved my husband from a camp to a maximum security prison even though his point level is a 1 which is illegal the State of Kentucky has already counted my husband out and he's being treated as if he's  already been found guilty without even going to trial. He is also facing double jeopardy even though the weapon was dismissed in Louisville the Commonwealth has allowed another county to come along and charge him with the same weapon that was dismissed off of him on July 13, 2017. The charge is a felony in possession of a firearm my husband wasn't in possession of this weapon his fingerprints are no where on this weapon he has already proven his innocence . I'm asking for you to help me prove the innocence of my husband  Demetrius Roberson and make sure that the Commonwealth of Kentucky follows all Double Jeopardy Laws going forward. HELP ME GET HIM RELEASED










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