Help us get gaming console companies to set time restrictions to avoid addiction

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A few years ago, a close friend of ours fell into a terrible pattern of not sleeping or eating properly. It affected his academics and it started to affect his social life too. He would become hostile towards his parents and friends causing a rift between them which led to him distancing himself from everyone which deeply affected his emotional mindset. All of this happened because of him spending a lot of his time on video games. He could not control the urge to play video games and his parents had no idea what to do. We had to watch him throw his life away and then it hit me. If parents cannot control him then maybe the companies who make the gaming consoles can stop this terrible thing from happening. Gaming addiction has been recognised as a mental issue by the World Health Organisation and therefore should be treated as the same. Companies which make gaming consoles should include a feature which allows a person to only play for a certain amount of time which can be set by parents. This ensures that the kid plays for a certain amount of time and gets the benefits of gaming while not getting addicted and not allowing video games to affect their life. Amazon fire tablets for kids has a similar system to regulate the amount of time a child uses the device. Furthermore the new iPhones also do the same and it has been a huge success. We hope that all of you will understand.

The importance of this is that video games are not necessarily bad, in fact they have multiple benefits. However getting addicted has adverse affects on the users. Please sign my petition so that this change can take place. We hope that all the parents who are concerned for their children would understand the importance and significance of this feature. Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

-Rohit Yadavalli, Taira Bhargava, Aanvi Somany, Ahaan Sawhney, Karan Soin