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Help us get Charges dropped against Reuben Gregory

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Reuben 72 and Kathleen 59 Gregory have lived in a 22ft caravan in secluded woodland for over 50 years.
The Caravan has no mains electricity supply , no running water or any access to a landline or mobile phone , no tv , no internet .
The caravan is only accessible by foot from the Colnbrook bypass It is not visable from the Colnbrook Bypass .
We believe that Wayne Digby and Tony Hearn believed the Gregory's to be vulnerabe and easy targets .
30 Years ago Kathleen and their Mother Rosie were tied up and beaten in a targetted Burglary , the Thieves stole everything of any value and Mrs Rosie Gregory was so Traumatised she passed away shortly afterwards .
This leaving both Gregory and Kathleen Vulnerable .
Neither have a Criminal record nor were either known to the police .
Locals speak very highly of the pair who live with no running water or elecric , Mr Reuben Gregory would walk to collect water , gas and food supplies , keeping themselves to themselves .
After the previous Raid the pair have been left terrified to leave their property .

The pair both very quiet have never caused any problems for anyone , they live a very peaceful and simple life, thats the only life they know and have lived comfortably for years .

* In the early hours of Wednesday 12th June 2017 they were woken by Wayne Digby and Tony Hearn breaking into their home .
* Mr Gregory in self defence took out a shot gun he had owned for over 30 years , a shot gun he used for vermin .
* A shot was fired through the hole in the door the intuders had made .
*Unbeknown to the Gregory's 2 people were hit by the shot , Killing one man ' Wayne Digby ' and Injuring one other ' Tony Hearn' .
* Mr Gregory and Kathleen waited upto 15 mintues before exiting their home to make sure the intruders had left their property when they found the body of Wayne Digby .
* Mr Gregory ran out onto the main road to flag down passers by in an attempt to call the emergency services and he had no access to a phone .
* Both the deceased and the 2nd intruder have previous criminal records with Wayne digby only recently being released from prison .
For serious offences , he was known to be an armed robber . He was also a known heroin addict .
* Police and forensics found a rucksack next to the Body of Mr Digby containing a mallet ,Machete , cable ties and the ingredients for a crude Molotov cocktail made out of half a tennis ball , a flamable liquid and a rag ( a makeshift firebomb ) Cable ties had been placed in a position to restrain a person ,a bottle of bleach and a funnel .Proving they went equipt to seriously injure or kill someone .
Reuben Gregory was initially arrested on suspicion of Murder , has since been released and told he will not be prosecuted for the Death of Wayne Digby .
Instead the Pensioner was charged with Possessing a firearm without a certificate- an offence he admitted in court 19.09.2017 although some may argue that he has had possession of the shot gun over 30 years well before the Firearm licence law was introduced and somone such as Mr Gregory having such limited access to not only the outside world but any media ( No television , no internet access , no telephone ) was he aware of this imposed law ?

In short Mr Reuben Gregory and Miss Kathleen Gregory are the real Victims here , Victims of Calous Hardened Criminals who Intentinally targetted these vulnerable pensioners .

Although our Condolences go out to the Family of the Deceased Man nothing can comprehend nor excuse what they set out to do that night which resulted in his Death .

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