Help us end sexual violence in Australian universities

Help us end sexual violence in Australian universities

7 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Racquel Soares

On the 23rd of march (2022), the results of the 2021 National Student Safety Survey were released. In the months that have followed there has been no meaningful action taken by our universities to combat the issue of sexual violence on campuses. 

The results of the survey indicated that since starting university, one in six students had experienced sexual harassment and one in twenty students had experienced sexual assault on campus. We also know that women, gender and sexually diverse students, students with a disability, First Nations students and culturally diverse students are disproportionally impacted by this issue. 

For most of us, the results of the National Student Safety Survey came as no surprise. Because, historically, this is an issue students have been fighting against since the seventies. And today, with every moment spent on campus we are exposed to a culture that perpetuates inequality, misogyny, and a lack of respect for our right to safety. 

We have been continuously shut down and undermined by our universities, with our recommendations for reform being dismissed due to a supposed lack of funding or not taken seriously in the first place.

Our universities are failing its students, and we have been left to clean up this mess ourselves.

By signing this petition you are not only showing your support for students, you are also calling for the implementation of; 

  1. Accredited, mandatory consent training
  2. Mandatory, trauma-informed responses to disclosures 
  3. Diverse support staff 
  4. Survivor led services and approaches to safety 
  5. Widley publicised and accessible information on reporting 
  6. Circle back approaches to inform victims of disciplinary actions against perpetrators 
  7. increased finding to Respect Now Always so they can employ victim-survivor student advisors
  8. Peer led student support groups for victim survivors 

If you feel you have more to give to this movement, please reach out to 

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Signatures: 9Next goal: 10
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