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Help us create a loving and accepting society!

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During the election campaign (late September 2011) Denike and Woo brought up concerns over a booklet produced by Out in Schools. The booklet was only available only to teachers, not to students. It contained a link to a website that recently changed format. To some, a video of men kissing was deemed inappropriate for students (even though students didn't have access to the resource).

On December 6th, Denike and Woo appeared in an advertisement for the organization, Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance. Which is US based organization that is against gay marriage. Denike afterward claimed he had no idea who it was for or who was filming him. Later on Denike quoted "This gives a completely misleading view of what the world is and the way things work." He has not explained what he meant in this quote however many people have interpreted it to be very homophobic and fundamentalist.

A very short time later another video appeared on YouTube. This video showed Woo and Denike at a Chinese Christian picnic in Vancouver. In the video they tell the people listening that: Vancouver is proposing a new policy to "teach gay and lesbian things etc." to students. This will be a new mandatory curriculum. If the parents did not want their kids to learn "gay and lesbian things" then they must vote for Denike and Woo so that they can defeat the others on the board that wish to pass this new curriculum.

On january 16 there was a meeting held at the Vancouver School Board because they passed a motion affirming that they support their LGBTQ policy, and censuring Ken Denike and Sophia Woo (Two VSB Trustees) for misrepresenting it.

If any of you know the feeling of being ridiculed for your differences, help stand up to these people. These trustees are supposed to represent us and guide the future generation. So i'm asking you for your help to sign this petition to let Ken Denike and Sophia Woo to respectfully and nobly resign from their positions, and to stop spreading hate and unfair stigma, and that we don't want them to represent us or our society.

If you wont do it for me, than do it for all the people who are being hurt by these messages. No one deserves to feel uncomfortable and unwanted in their schools and their city. The society we live in now should be promoting love, freedom, and equality.

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