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Help us convince our school district to change the sexist dress code

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Our school (unfortunately like many other schools) has a sexist and unfair dress code. The girls aren't allowed to show their shoulders, we aren't allowed to wear leggings unless the shirt we're wearing with them falls 4" or less above our knees, and we're not allowed to wear shorts unless they come 4" or less about our knees. All because they don't want guys getting distracted in class by what we're wearing. Most guys don't even care that we're wearing shorts and tank tops! If they get turned on by a shoulder or exposed leg, that's their problem, not the girls'. The dress code is offensive to them as well because it implies that they don't know how to control themselves, or that they're so hormone driven they get turned on by a shoulder.

Girls lose valuable time all the time sitting in an office waiting for their parents to bring them a change of clothes, or getting sent home, when they should be using that time to learn, because that's what we come to school to do. To learn. Are we less entitled to an education than boys are because of what we're wearing? We're not objects, we're not distractions, we're human beings.

I'm not saying we shouldn't have a dress code, because I believe a dress code is necessary, but this strict of a dress code is not necessary. We're trying to convince our county to change this dress code, and make it more reasonable and gender neutral. Please sign this petition to show your support for our cause!!

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