Help us campaign against the hypocrisy of the RSPCA

Help us campaign against the hypocrisy of the RSPCA

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Collette Fergus started this petition to Boris Johnson (Prime Minister)

RSPCA are operating bully boy tactics to scare innocent people.   

My happy, healthy dogs were taken away illegally in June 2011 June, and I was devestated.  They were much loved members of my family, and they have been torn from me. They misled me into letting them in, as I trusted them, and thought I had nothing to worry about.  When they told me they were taking my pets away I asked the police to see their warrant.  They said they didn't need one, and told me they would break down my door if I obstructed them.  As I had never had trouble with the law before, I didn't realise this was untrue, and could have asked them to leave at any time.  I was scared and confused, so let them take my animals illegally.  They used this tactic to steal my dogs. After they had been stolen, I walked around the house like a zombie, like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.  I was numb from emotion.  I couldn't cry until 2 weeks later, when I told the story to my mother, and just broke down.

The nightmare begins on Monday June 6th 2011.  Willow my pyrenean while on our walk, ran off after a jogger.  She was such a friendly dog, and did this occasionally, but normally I got a phone call telling me they had found my dog.  On this day, becasue her collar had snapped, she didn't have her name tag on it.    I spent hours looking for her, then put up flyers all over the area asking for info.  On the next day I still had not heard anything so called the dog warden.  I was desperate to find her, and couldn't sleep.  I was told by the council that the dog warden would call me back.  I got no call.  I called them back another 3 times, still no call back.  I also called the local pound, Cleadon Kennels. They told me a white dog had been handed in.  Then when they went to check, they came back and said sorry, she had been claimed.  On the Wednesday morning, as I was out of my head with worry, I called the microchip people.  They told me she had been found and was at a vets in Sunderland the day before.  I was elated.  I called the vets which was 'Vets 4 Pets in Sunderland.  They said I had to call RSPCA.  I called RSPCA.  They had no record of her.  They then gave me the local number in Sunderland.  I continually called them, and as got no answer, kept leaving messages.  Now that I knew she was safe,  I went for a nap, as was exhausted.

I later found out that the dog warden had found my dog, but decided not to ring me as apparantly didn't think it was my dog!!    (How many large white dogs would be running around at that time??)  He claims could not get a reading from her microchip!!  He said she was in a terrible state.  He said she was matted, skinny and her choke chain was too tight for her, and digging in to her neck.  Well here is a picture of her a couple of days prior to her going missing.  As you can see from her picture above, the chain is very loose around her neck, and she is pure white, not emaciated and no mats.  This picture was taken just a couple of days before she went missing..

The vet that they took her to 'Honor Etherington  at Vets4pets in Sunderland, claimed that she was too skinny, and was a cruelty case.  However, she had no evidence of this, she did not know where Willow came from, or how long she had been running free. ( I have now discovered from talking to many Pyrenean owners, that many pyries are naturally slim, and many have a problem getting them to put weight on.  My Willow was slim, and was a fussy eater but was not a cruelty case.  If I could go back in time, I would have got evidence from a Pyrenean expert, to prove this was normal behaviour in some Pyreneans.  This Honor       ( )

admitted that she only ever dealt with pet vaccinations, so was totally inexperienced.  This is probably why they used her, as judges will always believe a vet.) She also claimed, Willow was matted with urine stained feet.   As you can see from the picture this is not true.  She also later claimed that one of my dogs had worms, but in fact she had been wormed by my vet 8 days previous, so this was also a lie.  If she can lie about this, what else has she lied about??  The vet who is probably in their pocket,(as they couldn't explain why didn't call out a nearer vet to my house when asked by the judge? to come to my house to check my dogs??. ( I have since found out that Jackie Miller is on the vet's fb friends list.  

What does that say to you??)   Their vet also claimed my dog was emaciated, yet provided no evidence that this was the case.  She took no blood tests, just made an assumption without the facts.  My dog would have been hungry as she had been on the run for two days.  I always feed them after their walk so they don't get bloat.   That is how they make up evidence to get a prosecution!! 


THE RSPCA LIED UNDER OATH AND COMMITTED PERJURY.  She is called Jackie Miller, BEWARE OF HER, and lied under oath.  She had told the court that she had no idea why the Dog Warden had attended my property.  She assumed they were there on another matter.  However, earlier when the Dog Warden was giving evidence, he told the court, she had specifically phoned him and asked him to attend to removed a number of dogs from my property.  She denied this, and blatantly said she had never phoned him.  This is when the judge started to see through them.   She was never been disciplined as there is no regulation for them, so they can get away with anything, even breaking the law, committing perjury.  The question is, how did she know there was a number of dogs to be removed, when she had never been there before, and had never seen their condition???

They also misled me into letting them into my home.  Here are more  another examples of the RSPCA lying.

They have been doing this for years, but as they have spun such a good image, nobody believes you when you try to tell them.  The media refused to listen to me when I have tried to make them aware.  Only know is it finally coming out and revealing the true image of what the RSPCA have been getting away for years.  

THE POLICE STOLE MY DOGS THROUGH UNLAWFUL SEIZURE. This is what the judge declared, yet they have got away with as the police continue to cover up for each other, even though they I have made complaints about them many times.  They told me they didn't need a warrant, yet didn't bother to tell me I could have asked them to leave at any time.  They scared and intimidated me so much, It has made me terrified it could happen again.  When the people you trust, break that trust and act illegally, how can you ever get over that??  They tell victims of crime how they can help them, how can they help victims of their actions.  I still suffer PTSD from their actions, as absolutely petrified I will lose my dogs.   


THE VET GAVE INCORRECT DIAGNOSIS.  She also lied about the condition of my dogs.  I suspect she was paid by the RSPCA to tell them what they wanted to hear.  Funny how when the judge asked the RSPCA inspector why they couldn't use another vet when Honor Etherington was not available, they had no answer??  The answer is, any other vet would not have told them what they wanted to hear.  

THE RSPCA REFUSED TO HAND BACK MY DOGS WHEN JUDGE RULED IN MY FAVOUR.  This proves that they regard themselves as above the law, they even tried to get the judge to change his mind about his decision, but he threw out their appeal.  What arrogance they have!!   When things don't go their way, they go in a huff.

THE RSPCA BLACKMAILED ME INTO NOT APPEALING  They conveniently refused to let me have my dogs back, and kept them for 3 weeks.  Was it just a coincedence that I finally got them back on the very last day of the appeal window??  This made me afraid to appeal as feared would not get any of them back. 

THE DOG WARDEN DID NOT FOLLOW PROCEDURE as also refused to contact me to let me know he had my dog, even though I was promised 4 times a call back from him, which I never got.  I ask you what is the point of having your dog microchipped, if when found they can't be bothered to contact you???

WHEN THEY JUDGE DISMISSED THEIR CASE their prosecuting lawyer immediatly changed the the charge to Willow only.   I claim this as an unfair trial, as never got to explore the evidence from their witness for this different charge.  Their witness never came back to court, yet still got a judgement.  THIS IS HIGHLY UNFAIR, WHAT DO YOU THINK??

DURING THE YEAR THEY HELD THEM I got to visit them when they told me I could.  Sometimes when I went to visit them, they were in a shocking state.  When I eventually got them back, some of them were underweight, and one of them had an ear infection.  Which is what I was eventually charged with with, as the judge threw everything out.  This is all they could get me for.  The judge ruled that I did not seek veterinary advice for her ear infection.  Tell me how could I seek vet treatment for her when I didn't even know where she was??

THEY TRIED TO DESTROY MY LIFE:  They admitted to me they wanted to get me disqualified from keeping animals.  If my animals had been taken away from me, I would have committed suicide, and become just another one of their statistics.

  I had to move out of the area due to the stigma that is caused from this kind of allegation.  There will always be twats who believe the media, and also  "There is no smoke without fire" .   

The next thing I knew was a banging on the door, and a commotion from the dogs.  I went to the door, and it was RSPCA with police.  As I had just woken up, all I could think of was that they had come to tell me about Willow, as I had left messages for the me to contact me.  Because of this, and because I trusted them, stupidly I let them in.   (FYI, nobody should let them in).


Then they still didn't tell me about Willow.  They asked if they could see my other dogs.  I agreed and told them would bring them out one by one. While this was happening because of the chaos they had caused, one of my dogs got out, and was attacked by the others.  I screamed for them to help me.  They ignored my screams, and remained outside. ( The police said in court, they would stay outside and assess the situation.  Who think this is good policing??  Would they just stay outside a house while somebody is being murdered, as they will assess the situation??   They had the dog wardens outside, who could have helped.  The RSPCA denied she had heard me) 

Finally I got Honey to safety.  As she lay bleeding on my carpet, I begged them to take her to the vets.  They refused and told me they would if I signed them over, this conversation lasted 40 mins.    Then out of the blue, they told me they were taking themall  away.  I became frantic, I was confused and scared so didn't know what was happening.  Half way through taking my dogs, I asked the police to see their warrant.  They told me they didn't need one, and if I  stopped them would break down my door.   They left two as in their words 'they are not rehomeable, and would be put down'  They asked me to sign their form which I refused, as didn't want to sign anything.  However, as they had left two, they realised they had made a mistake, and later told me they would come back for them.  I was desperate to save thier lives, so desperately had to search for help.  Finally I managed to find help in the form of The SHG, who gave me Nigel's number (Nigel Weller).  When they returned for my two dogs, I got Nigel to speak to them through the phone on my doorstep, as would not let them in again.  They had to leave empty handed, and my dogs were saved. 

 Only due to this traumatic situaton,  it has come to light the truth behind  the real RSPCA.  I used to really believe and support them as I am a lifelong animal lover.  It took me a whole year of fighting them through the courts before I got my dogs back.  That year was a nightmare.  To all other innocent victims out there you must fight them, and not give in to their bullying you to plead guilty. 

I apologise for the shortness of this petition, but it has been hacked and a great deal of it was deleted.  We all know who would have done this!!  Even more reason to get them named and shamed!!  I am now updating it again to tell the truth of what happened to me.


 The modern RSPCA are acting similar to the Gestapo, and pet owners should be afraid.  They are out of control, as there is no regulators to control them, so they know they can get away with anything.  They are already in partnership with Pets at Home, but this is the scariest item.  They have now teamed up with a large petsitting company.  You would be advised not to use this company as you could have your pets stolen while on holiday. As they often rely on dirty tricks, this would be perfect for them.

Also warn your elderley relatives and friends not to fall for the PR strategy of their 'Home for Life' scam.  This is just a trick into trying to get you to change your will over to them.  They say it is free, but really they are hoping you will leave everything to them in return for looking after your pet.  If you do decide to do this, you must put strict regulations about care of your, or it will probably be killed as soon as you are gone, using their vets famous excuse " The animal was suffering so we had to PTS".  We have seen in many cases how they have killed healthy animals using this excuse.   This poor deluded man left his estate to them, and they stabbed him in the back.

If anybody needs assistance to fight the RSPCA, their is help out there.  Contact the SHG.ORG  There is also a fantastic solicitor called Nigel Weller in Lewes, who is an expert against the RSPCA.  This happens more often than you know, it is just that the media have until now refused to publicize it.  If you google RSPCA injustice you will get the real story of how they have victimised pet lovers for years.  There is also a support group that is made up of victims, so contact us if you want to join.


I have now had my beloved dogs back for over 2 years now, and they are still happy,healthy, and loved.  The ones due to be rehomed before this nightmare happened, are now happy in their hnew homes.  The two dogs that were going to kill as they deemed them unrehomeable, (in short couldn't make them any money), have now been successfully rehomed, and are living happy healthy lives.  Also, my eldest dog Gypsy who is now well over 10 yrs old, is doing fine.  (If what they led you to believe, I was neglecting my dogs, she would not still be with me now.  This is how evil and destructive they are.) .  Luckily she hid during their raid (similar to Anne Frank and the Nazis) as she being an old dog would probably been exterminated if found. and they never, ever found out about her.  She was my saviour through this trauma.  I have never been cruel to any of my animals, and never would.  Every one of the people who know me were shocked, as I would be the last person they could ever think of that would be cruel to an animal.  I have been animal mad since I was a child.  The RSPCA have no compassion for the feelings of pet owners when they lose their pets, they are completely heartless.  Yet, on their publicity stunts like 'The Dog Rescuers' they pretend they do have compassion.  This is how they mislead the public.

 ALL PET OWNERS MUST BEWARE!!  Never let them in, as they are dangerous.  Seek legal help immediately, and most of all record everything, as they will lie.   





Can you all report your complaints to  We must make a change!!


UPDATE 10/11/2014


Some undercover footage had come to light which proves the RSPCA lie in order to get the best result.  Watch these


OMG, they are unbelievable, they are really showing themselves up for the greedy money grabbers they really are.  They are now trying to rob dead people by claiming it is for the animals!!  We all know it is for their fat bank accounts.

We have set up a campaign to help victims of RSPCA and raise awareness.  Please share to everybody you know to make a difference.  Thankyou x.


For any of those who still do not believe the lengths they will go to shut up anybody who does not agree with their policies.  This is a video of the raid they did on me, trying to shut me up as I was supporting their victims.

They now claim they  have changed for the better, with the appointment  of new boss Jeremy Cooper,  yet look how long he lasted?.  We hope this is true, but could be another smokescreen, so always be on your guard!!

These are the latest items against them

A judge has condemned the RSPCA after it prosecuted a farmer for being cruel to a dead sheep.

Courton Green, 60, faced jail after the charity charged him with trying to behead the animal, which it said was alive. The only witness was an inexperienced farmhand who was unaware that dead sheep must have their necks broken before they can be skinned for food.

Mr Green, from Sleaford, Lincolnshire, who faces a £70,000 bill for his defence, told The Times: “The past two years have been absolutely terrible. I had just moved to a new place. I wanted to make friends. Nobody would speak to me. The RSPCA should spend the donations they get on looking after animals and caring for animals rather than prosecuting innocent farmers. I feel sorry for the little girls who give their pocket money and do pony rides and the people who have coffee mornings for the RSPCA thinking they are helping pussy cats and guinea pigs.”

Judge Peter Veits found Lincolnshire police arrested Mr Green unlawfully, and that the RSPCA then “cut corners” during an unjustified interview of him.

Mr Green was cleared of all wrongdoing after a four-day trial at Lincoln magistrates’ court. He denied six charges relating to the treatment of the sheep at his farm in Sleaford and one of failing to care for a flock near Boston.

The judge said that the case raised concerns over the charity’s role as a prosecutor. He said that it had “become involved in matters that could have been left to the appropriate bodies”



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