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Help us bring in Liam’s law

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Every year over 1400 people are waiting to undergo a bone marrow transplant to cure their cancer , a lot of these are children , one of these was our little boy , there is a known complication of a bone marrow transplant , it’s a very deliberating life threatening disease called graft versus host disease ,the institute of health introduced a scoring system to help identify this disease, it’s crucial that doctors recognise the signs and early quick  intervention takes place, that is the key to survival , this disease is where the donors cells recognise your organs as foreign and attack them , imagine you returned to your local hospital after bone marrow transplant and expressed great concern that you believed your child had this disease , imagine if they didn’t listen and left him for 3 months with no treatment  , didn’t follow nih census guidelines of scoring to diagnose, imagine if they didn’t communicate with your bone marrow transplant hospital as promised , imagine if your child was rapidly declining and you begged and pleaded for someone to listen , imagine if your child ended up in a rapid response state needing to be flown by helicopter hours away as priority one, tachycardia, oxygen dependant , more then 250 mls of fluid around heart and over a period of two days draining over 2 litres of fluid from around his heart, dropping to only 15 kgs losing more then 6 kgs , impaired kidneys , high blood pressure , requiring two heart surgeries , lung drains and 12 months of front line therapy but lives with many side effects , imagine seeing your child in pain and not being able to help, can you imagine ? Look at your little children and imagine if this was them , this happened to us at John hunter hospital oncology department between the dates of November 2015 and may 6 ,2016, help us now by helping us to bring in Liam’s law , we want Liam’s law implemented in all regional hospitals around Australia for the care of post bone marrow families 

we have not received an apology from John hunters oncology department, we have not received acknowledgment and no one has been held accountable for this medical negligence ,

*all hospitals must follow the census scoring guidelines and consult with main bone marrow transplant hospital before during and after treatment 

*all hospitals must carry out necessary tests for post bone marrow patients to rule out graft versus host disease if presenting with abnormal symptoms 

*all families must be made aware of escalation process of at anytime they are concerned for the life of a loved one or themselves 

*a mandatory review with specialist within 48 hours of evoking Liam’s law

please help us , there are only 6 bone marrow transplant hospitals in Australia , these guidelines need to be implemented to ensure children and families receive the care they need and no one else endured the pain and suffering our little boy did 

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