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Please put effective Fetal Alcohol Syndrome warning labels on all alcohol containers to warn women not to drink while pregnant and have a vigorous education campaign about it.

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It started with an end-of - year night out. His mum, Jenny, had a cocktail or two and a couple of glasses of red wine with dinner and a few cruisers to keep her going on the dance floor. After all, it was supposed to be a fun night, and you can’t have fun without grog, can you?

Days later, Jenny consulted her doctor and was excited to hear that she was having a baby. About seven months later Peter was born. But the baby didn’t thrive in the usual way and by the time Peter was about 18 months old the specialist was in no doubt. It was Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, which relates to a range of abnormalities that are caused by the mother consuming alcohol during pregnancy. Among other problems, Peter would have learning difficulties, find it hard to remember tasks from day to day, have behaviour issues that he had little control over, find it hard to deal with money, and possibly have some physical problems in the heart, lung and other organs. Peter will never be “normal”.

FASD is the largest cause of non-genetic, at-birth brain damage in Australia. It is a completely preventable condition but there is no cure.

I need your help to prevent more “Peters” being born with this life-long disability.

Research indicates that 50% - 80% of pregnant women in Australia continue to drink, thus putting their baby at risk. There is no safe level or time to drink alcohol while pregnant. That is why the National Health and Medical Research Council Guidelines recommend no alcohol at all while pregnant or planning a pregnancy.

No baby needs to be born with the life-sentence of alcohol - induced brain damage. Help me to get the message to mothers-to-be that, for their baby’s sake, they should not drink while pregnant.


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