Help to Save Lives - ‘No Swimming’ Warning Signs, Life Jackets & Life Rings

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As this is written (25.06.2018) there is a child of 13 years missing and the search is centred on Westport Lake, Burslem, Stoke on Trent

Please make it law that all lakes, canals, etc have appropriate signs warning of the dangers of swimming in these waters and that life jackets and life rings are available at 3 hundred metre intervals

Once the law comes in to force these signs need to be looked after by local councils to ensure they are always visible

Please also make it part of the national curriculum that all children are taught how to use life aids in order to preserve life

Anyone caught defacing or misusing such items should be heavily fined

No parent, partner, child or anyone should ever have to go through such unbearable pain and a simple sign, life jacket and or life ring could save so many