Save Hamilton Pool

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Angelica Johnsen
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Jewel of the Texas Hill Country, one of the top natural wonders of the world, this emerald green grotto formed thousands of years ago, located 30 miles west of Austin, Texas and one of the most treasured natural resources in the State of Texas is being threatened by impending development directly across the road.

Please consider donating to protect Hamilton Pool from proposed nearby commercial development. Every dollar will go towards land conservation in the Hamilton Pool watershed. Donate to our GoFundMe campaign. 

Help us to permanently protect  Hamilton Pool from environmentally damaging development so Hamilton Pool and the Pedernales River area can be enjoyed by future generations. 


  • Groundwater contamination from large septic systems upstream from Hamilton Pool
  • Groundwater pumping that can reduce flows into Hamilton Pool
  • Surface runoff into Hamilton Pool (oil, gas, chemicals)
  • Loss of habitat for the federally endangered Golden-Cheeked Warbler
  • Increased traffic, light, and noise pollution
  • Complications to emergency services access   

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To donate directly to this grassroots movement, please visit our direct link to our account:  GoFundMe Save Hamilton Pool  Please donate to protect Hill Country land from being commercially developed to preserve Hamilton Pool for future generations. Please note, we are not a tax-deductible entity.

(Note: We are not fiscally affiliated with and will not receive your donation if you donate to to Please visit our GoFundMe account if you want to support us directly. Thank you)