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Prince Wijaya came to Srilanka on the day the BUDDHA was passing away,and started the Sinhalese nation.next the son of King Dharmashoka came here as the Arhant Mihindu and established a just Sinhalese Buddhist society.next time by time Solee,Pandi, Kerala armies attacked us and after their missions and after 1500 A.D. Portuguese,Dutch,and English armies attacked and robbed my country.they gave Christianity by forcely to this pure and just kingdom.and contaminated this unique kingdom.brought Muslims and Tamils as slaves to this country and destroyed a just and super kingdom. Finally a heart and brain less terrorist called Velupille Prabhakaran and his inhuman gang with the support of R.A.W. or India made many troubles to the Sinhalese nation and to the world. They blast even the world trade center of USA ,by giving suicide bombs to jehadists... Now those LTTE members and jehadists are very treacherously misguiding the world. They are even misguiding the change.org too. Dear world leaders and the U.N.O. please realise the truth. As Sinhalese Buddhists we helped all other humans very kindly. But they made many troubles and they are always telling lies.And struggling to destroy the Sinhalese nation.Please find the truth.and safeguard the Sinhalese nation. IN THE NAME OF THE TRUTH,GOD, AND BUDDHA, PLEASE STUDY ABOUT SINHALESE BUDDHISTS,ACACCURATELY... ALMOST AN UNIVERSAL APPEAL ! Thank you, I am R.H.M.C.T.RATNAYAKE, SINHALESE BUDDHIST OF SRILANKA. https://www.rd.com .

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