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Help The People Of Syria

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Attacks on medical facilities, starving families, hundreds and thousands of lives lost, and homes left behind in ruins. These are just a few of the barbarous events taking place. So far, there has been no significant change, and families are still going through things no family should ever go through.

My goal is to get as many signatures to help those people who are currently struggling with the horrific situation in Aleppo, in hopes that many signatures could potentially result in world leaders acting fast to resolve this issue. Once this petition finally reaches 100 signatures, it will be sent to U.S. President Barack Obama, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, the president of France, François Hollande, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May MP.  

A majority of the money accepted as donations will go to The White Helmets aka the Syrian Civil Defense, who are a group of volunteers risking their own lives to save Syrians in affected, nearby cities. They are currently in need of safety goggles, elbow and knee protectors, first aid kits, gas masks, fire extinguishers, and helmets. All other funds will be sent to ShelterBox and UNHCR.

We must still have hope that change is, in fact, possible. That faith in humanity can be restored once again. We need to let our leaders know that something has to be done NOW. How could we possibly live our lives contently knowing that hospitals are being bombed, that hundreds are killing themselves each day to escape the atrocities taking place? I refuse to sit back & watch this happen in front of my very eyes without taking any kind of action. I will stand up and speak out for those who cannot.

Join me in letting your voice be heard; Join me in doing as much as possible for our brothers and sisters who are facing traumatic experiences that they will be forced to remember for the rest of their lives. During times like these, taking any form of action to help or do good does much more than you may think. These people need our help, and they need it now.

Thank you, and God bless you all. 

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