Help the melting glaciers, before its too late!

Help the melting glaciers, before its too late!

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In third grade I did research on Glaciers, and the animals that thrive and depend on that habitat. As a third grader nobody tells you that the hard work and the animals and habitats you researched are in jeopardy. Nobody tells you that the plastic bags you pack every day in our lunch are contributing to the massive islands of trash. Killing the fish, killing the ocean, and of course the dolphin( my favorite animal at the time), along with other animals you love dearly. But I am no longer that innocent child who thinks that world is close to perfect. Right now I am standing up for her, for the Polar bears starving, the beautiful northern lights that glitter across the sky and the beautiful glaciers that are melting, that are nearly gone.. and will be sooner than we all expected.

Last year at age 12 I attended M.S.I ( The Museum of Science Industry) along with my sister and my mom. I have always been passionate about climate change, ever since I knew it was a thing,and what was actually going on in our world.. but that day something clicked. There was an exhibit demonstrating what has been happening to glaciers around the world and how much faster it was all happening. The video's the pictures.. the facts. It all hit me. We don't have time. Water levels are rising the thaw of ice layers with the release of huge amounts of methane trapped in the arctic permafrost and the change of soil to a darker color , the constant destruction of whole ecosystems, extreme weather, ocean acidification, and  changes in ocean's natural currents, coral bleaching and massive species extinction. All of what we are doing, hurting animals, destroying the planet, normalizing hurting the environment into our daily lives..This isn't just affecting what's around us, like we all live in a tiny safe bubble where everything is safe. It is hurting us. My friends around the world, my family, my pets.. You out there?

Over the years fossil fuels have shot up and even though the science has been crystal clear the people who have current initiative and power are sitting back and letting this happen. Saying promises and goals that we are nowhere near on track too isn't helping us, or anything. Teen's, children, and young adults around the world are standing up for what's right. We are no longer tolerating our future to be dictated by the leaders we have trusted and placed in power to tell us what they are going to accomplish in the "near future".. I have been on many government websites looking for hope searching for truth and responsibility taken by our leaders, but have had none.

Every goal has been similar to the words from the United Nations,  "Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters in all countries". Do we have resilience now to strengthen? What constant improvements on our climate are you making right now to insure this..? Could you be more specific? Well let me tell you, our "deadlines" keep getting pushed and pushed and pushed. In 2019..."By 2023 we need, and will have gas pumps for electric cars worldwide", "By 2030 we would've needed to cut emission in half". I am in no way saying that these things aren't necessary, though I am saying instead of making these majorly necessary changes for the "near future" needed to be made for today, and for yesterday.

Scientists and new research is saying that by 2100 polar bears will be extinct, even if climate change greatly decreases we can never get that ice back, or the fish that are needed for them to survive.  I am not only advocating for the glaciers, and the polar bears along with the other animals affected by this crisis. I am advocating for climate injustice world wide. The forest fires, the degrading rain forest, people's homes being snatched from their grasp, and I am yelling for you. Signing this petition would greatly spread awareness for every single one of these subjects. But we don't only need signatures. We need to inspire more people to learn about what is happening. We need more kids to learn what is happening to help take charge of change. We need the young, the old, and the adults. Who all have different experiences, different interactions, and different backgrounds. We need everyone. Everywhere. Right Now.


-Landyn-Nicole McClain( age 13.)




312 have signed. Let’s get to 500!