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I am sick to death of people in the public trying there hardest, suggesting ideas and going out of there way to try and help homeless people when all the council do is throw it back in our faces. Charities try vending machines and that didn't last long, donating money to homeless, and the council put signs on bins with alcohol bottles and drugs telling us  not donate! If it wasn't for the public what would homeless people rely on? Hostels? =FULL!!  Get a Job? = must have a registered address and bank account!! And as for  Drugs? = Not all homeless people are on drugs, don't judge all by One! But we are constantly trying to tackle this problem and are getting nowhere, We are building more and more homes for foreigners and yet we have our own people sleeping on the streets!!! Everything we are doing gets taken away or thrown in our faces. If it wasn't for us public donating what else would they rely on? It's about time something changed! And I am not letting another attempt to tackle homeless in Nottingham be destroyed! We will try and try again! We are a community and will come together to help and support eachother like it should be. There's too much hate in Nottingham and we need to put it aside and help one another starting NOW!

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